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Recording of Jefferson County Commissioners July 17 Candidates Forum!

Recording of Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) July 16 Candidates Forum!

Welcome to Jefferson County Democrats!

Washington State

Dedicated to implementing Democratic Party platforms through candidates and legislation.

We are a living organization with platforms and policies that are shaped by members. Our membership meets once a month, typically early in the last week of the month. You can review meeting minutes here. In between, members are volunteering and working independently or in committees to accomplish our goals. If you haven’t already, we hope you will join us today!

PCOS: To identify/contact your Precinct Committee Officer (PCO)  – click here!
CALENDAR: View our Google calendar, events list, and regular governmental meetings by clicking here!

JOE BIDEN: A Long Positive Record of Achievements for the American People

Joe Biden is the presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee for president. He has been serving as a U.S. Senator since the age of 30 so he has a long track record of achievements.

We have created a webpage highlighting entries from “Joe’s Story” on his campaign website. You can see our summary page by clicking here. You can also click on the image above to go directly to “Joe’s Story” and to access more information about Joe on the issues. Donations can also be made at that website to support Joe for President.


Learn about Democratic primary candidates for JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSIONER and PRECINCT COMMITTEE OFFICERS on this JCD webpage. Some even have videos! The primary is held on August 4, 2020.


JCD Endorsements for Aug. 4 primary!

JCD endorsements for legislative and state offices in Aug. 4 primary election The Jefferson County Democrats have endorsed 11 legislative and statewide candidates for the Aug. 4 primary election.

The endorsed candidates for the 24th Legislative District:

  • State senator, Kevin Van de Wege (incumbent)
  • State representative, Position 1, Mike Chapman (incumbent)
  • State representative, Position 2, Steve Tharinger (incumbent)

The endorsed candidates for statewide offices:

  • Governor, Jay Inslee (incumbent)
  • Secretary of state, Gael Tarleton
  • State treasurer, Mike Pellicciotti
  • State auditor, Pat (Patrice) McCarthy (incumbent)
  • Attorney General, Bob Ferguson (incumbent)
  • Commissioner of public lands, Hilary Franz (incumbent)
  • Superintendent of public instruction, Chris Reykdal (incumbent)
  • Insurance Commissioner, Mike Kreidler (incumbent).

The JCD has not taken a position on the four Democratic candidates for lieutenant governor (James R. Rafferty, Marko Liias, Michelle Jasmer and Denny Heck), two Democratic candidates for U.S. representative (Rebecca Parson and Derek Kilmer) and three Democratic candidates for District 2 on the JeffCo Board of Commissioners (Amanda Funaro, Heidi Eisenhour and Lorna Smith).

Here’s the Online Voters’ Guide for congressional, statewide, legislative and Jefferson County candidates: It does not include statements by candidates for precinct committee officers, but you can read them are on the JCD website:

Ballots will be mailed by July 15 and can be returned postage-free to the Jefferson County Auditor’s Office. They must be postmarked by Aug. 4 or deposited by Aug. 4 in official county drop boxes at several locations around the county.

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Canvassing during Covid

Canvassing – we need to remind Democrats to vote in August and November elections!

To do that, we need to identify Democrats. We can’t knock on doors, so our State Committee Representative Diane Jones is organizing phone banks throughout our LD. She can set you up with a call list. Give Diane a call at 360-379-9193.

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Jefferson County Democrats vote online to endorse eight candidates for state offices

For the first time – but probably not for the last time – the Jefferson County Democrats met virtually May 20, 2020 through the wonders of technology to endorse eight candidates for state elected positions.

Using the “chat” function in the Zoom computer app, 40 party members voted from their homes to endorse incumbents Gov. Jay Inslee; Attorney General Bob Ferguson; Hilary Franz, commissioner of public lands; 24th District Sen. Kevin Van de Wege; and 24th District Reps. Steve Tharinger and Mike Chapman. They also endorsed Mike Pellicciotti for state treasurer and Gael Tarleton for secretary of state.

In addition, party members voted to support new state law SB 5395, which requires school districts to provide recurring instruction in human development and reproduction that is age-appropriate and inclusive of all students. And they voted to oppose signing petitions for referendums 90 and 91, which would repeal SB 5395.

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“The Washington State Democrats developed an alternative to the conventions we would have held May 3. Our Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) took part in an on-line ballot procedure to elect our Legislative District delegates to the CD caucus and state convention, where our national delegates will be elected.”

“The Washington State Democrats Convention will be virtual.  “Folks should plan for the virtual convention to run from 9-5 pm on Saturday, June 13th…” 

Click on link below and scroll down the newsletter to see the list of state delegates for Biden and Sanders who were elected. Fifteen alternates will also be named soon.

24th LD Newsletter Link

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Important Dates for the 2020 Presidential Election!

Here is a brief presentation by Bruce Cowan that covers the 2020 election as well: Powerpoint

Here are key dates in 2020:

Questions? Call the Elections Department at the Jefferson County Auditor’s office at 360-385-9117. Or, email us at Additional information provided by the Washington State Democratic party is here:  

Election Center
Jefferson County Elections

August 17-20 – National Democratic Convention

National Democratic Convention, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. National delegates nominate our presidential candidate and adopt the national platform.

Nov. 3, 2020 – Election Day

On this day, our fond hopes are to elect a Democrat as president of the United States, elect majorities in both houses of Congress, and to elect Democrats to state executive and legislative offices.


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