Jefferson County Democrats is an approximately 700-member strong political organization dedicated to implementing Democratic Party platforms through candidates and legislation. We’re a living organization, with platforms and policies that are shaped by members. Our membership meets once a month, typically early in the last week of the month. In between, members are volunteering and working independently or in committees to accomplish our goals. If you haven’t already, we hope you will join us!

Our next membership meeting is: Tuesday, June 20th 6:00pm to 8:00pm  in the Quilcene Community Center, 294952 US-101, Quilcene, WA 98376.

Call for Volunteers:  Membership and Communications have several goals that will be easier to accomplish with many hands. Please e-mail info@jeffcodemocrats.com to express your interest in volunteering.

Highlights of April 25th Meeting:

Election of a Vice-Chair and Treasurer: Celeste Bennett was elected Vice-Chair and John Behrens as Treasurer.

Education Resolution: With our legislators in special session, WA Dems Chair Tina Podlodowski has called on us to do all we can to fully fund education in Washington State. A member introduced a resolution last night asking that JCD insist that funding be accomplished during this special session. The resolution received a majority vote, but not enough to pass: our bylaws require two-thirds for a resolution that has not been through committee.

Guest Speakers: Indivisible Port Ludlow educated us about their focus and progress. Their next meeting will be held April 22nd at the Port Ludlow Beach Club. Contact Pat Page, indivisibleportludlow@gmail.com or call 949-275-3848 (Janette Hammond) if you have any questions. The Alliance for Gun Responsibility is forming an LD24 chapter and invites your participation. Visit www.gunresponsibility.org.

State Committee Reports: Tina Podlodowski is energizing the party with regular trainings and meetings for the Central Committee members. We’ll be seeing the fruits of this as we move towards our summer of canvassing.

Election of a Chair: Congratulations to Marty Gilmore, our newly elected chair for 2017-2018!

Marty’s a great sport, and we have to have some lighthearted moments even in dark times. So here he’s pictured “spokesmodeling” WA Dems Resistance hat and scarf, alongside Ryan Mc Allister and Tina Podlodowski.

Keeping Up with Legislation

Our first Legislators Round Table was held Sunday, March 12th at the Bay Club in Port Ludlow, with approximately 75 members attending. Assistant Majority Whip Mike Chapman and Representative Steve Tharinger were our guests, in an open question format without moderation or screening of questions.

Video of this event can be viewed by clicking here.


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