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The 2018 County Convention took place Saturday, March 24th at Fort Worden Commons.


  • Election of Jefferson County delegates and alternates to the 2018 Washington State Democratic Convention.
  • Adoption of Jefferson County Democrats platform.

Jefferson was allowed 3 delegates. Elected as Delegates to the Democratic State Convention, being held June 15-16 in Wenatchee are: David Griffiths, Linda Brewster, Alise Moss-Vetica, and George Yount as alternate. Thank you to all 111 people who attended and participated, and congratulations to the members of our delegation!

Convention attendees also adopted the full 27-page platform. Click here to read the Draft Platform: Executive Summary followed by Full Platform.

Click here to read The Leader article on the convention results.


A Resolution Opposing Military Combat Training in Washington State Parks – PASSED

Resolution on Gun Violence – Referred to Committee for Amendments; presentation to JCD in April

Connect West End (Lower Jefferson) with East Jefferson – PASSED

Oppose Anti-Free Speech Bills S.720 & H.R.1697 -Withdrawn by Submitter

Resolution For Commitments To A Constitutional Amendment Clarifying Rights of Corporations – PASSED