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State Bills

Bill alert:

SB 5313 has a hearing on March 21st, tomorrow in the Senate Means & Way Committee. As it stands, 32% of school districts will experience funding losses and need to lay off teachers. This mostly hits rural districts. It affects the school district on the west side of Jefferson County. This funding isn’t about teacher salaries as some vocal Republicans are making out. This may be a vote along party lines and thus may be close and your comments to the following members may help. You can go to the following links to send your comments to 3 of the committee members. For more information go to this link:
Sen. Christine Rolfes is chair of the Ways & Means Committee, a Democrat: Mark Mullet is a Democrat and committee member and I don’t know where he stands for sure so it wouldn’t hurt to let him know. Kevin Van De Wege is our senator and another committee member

The Washington State Legislature convenes on January 14, 2019. Bills will be introduced and hearings scheduled through most of the session. The idea here is to:

  • Track bills that reflect Democratic values or impact Jefferson County.
  • Let you know when important hearings occur.
  • Show you how to watch remotely if you don’t want to drive all the way to Olympia.
  • Show you how to comment on and influence bills that you have an interest in.

To watch hearings during or later go to TVW. To learn more about a bill, click on the document links below – these documents include bill numbers linked to their individual pages. You can click on “comment” to let the committee that is hearing the bill know what you think about the bill. The schedule is constantly being added to. For more details the Washington State Legislature has an information packed website. For questions or comments, send to

Current Bills

Bill hearings for week starting Jan. 14, 2019

Bill hearings for week starting Jan. 21, 2019

Bill hearings for week starting Jan. 28, 2019

Sample of bills under consideration:

NW Progressive Institute has a good bill tracker with more information and the bills being heard this coming week are always at the top of the scroll down list. Check it out NPI Bill Tracker

When commenting on the bill via the legislative website you are actually only commenting to your own representatives and or senator. Another thing you can do, however, is to send comment to the chair and other members of the committee. To get a list of senate chairs or house chairs and their respective committee members and their email addresses go to senate committees or house committees. Be sure to include the bill number and your position. Another option is emailing your testimony to committee staff.