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JCD advertising series in 2021 featured Democratic interests
The Jefferson County Democrats in 2021 published at least one ad a month in the Port Townsend and Jefferson County Leader connected with annual holidays, events, and elections. The ads highlighted Democratic values, interests, and achievements. 
1/20/21 Inauguration Day
2/16/21 Presidents Day
3/3/21 Women’s Day
4/21/21 Earth Day
5/26/21 Memoial Day
6/16/21 Juneteenth
6/30/21 Fourth of July Ask Not
7/12/21 Primary Election
9/1/21 Labor Day
9/15/21 Redistricting
10/6/21 Indigenours Peoples Day
10/13/21 Wennstro endorsement
11/10/21 Thanksgiving Gratitude
12/22/21 Season’s Greetings