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Taking Political Action

Besides electing Democrats, the Jefferson County Democrats are dedicated to supporting policies and legislation that reflect the party’s county, state, and national platforms. The resources listed on this page can help you take political action by contacting elected officials about your issues of concern. We also encourage you to write letters to newspaper editors to express your ideas publicly.

Please return to this page occasionally as we post other resources and information about opportunities for political action.


Issues-Related Local Organizations:

25 Ways to Be Politically Active (from CNN)

Complete descriptions at CNN:

  1. Know who your local legislators and politicians are. (See our Elected Officials link.)
  2. Know how to get in touch with them (and actually make them listen.)
  3. Identify an issue you care about and pursue it.
  4. Attend town hall meetings.
  5. Attend City Council meetings.
  6. Get to know your local School Board.
  7. Join your local PTA.
  8. Mobilize more people to support your cause.
  9. Join a voting league or political organization.
  10. Register to act on behalf of a political party.
  11. Join a campaign.
  12. Volunteer at their headquarters.
  13. Attend or organize rallies and events.
  14. Volunteer to work at a polling place.
  15. Pound the pavement.
  16. Volunteer to register voters.
  17. Vote.
  18. Subscribe to a paper or other publication you believe in.
  19. Read up on American history and civics.
  20. Share that knowledge.
  21. Volunteer at a place that benefits your community.
  22. Volunteer at a museum, state or national park, cultural center or historical society.
  23. Hell, GO to a museum, state or national park, or historical society.
  24. Donate.
  25. Get off the internet.