Resolutions Rules


I. A Resolution submitted for consideration and adoption by the Jefferson County Democrats (JCD) must be submitted in compliance with the following rules.

II. Resolutions must be submitted by:

  • A.   A JCD member.
  • B.  The JCD Executive Board
  • C. The JCD Precinct Caucuses
  • D. The JCD Convention.

III. Requirements for the submission of resolutions by JCD MEMBERS:

A. The Resolution must be e-mailed to the JCD Resolutions Committee (JCD-RC) no later than fourteen(14) days prior to the JCD meeting at which the resolution is to be considered. Resolutions should be e-mailed in a format that can be easily edited, preferably Microsoft Word.

B. A printed version of the Resolution must be received by the JCD-RC no later than two (2) days prior to the JCD meeting at which the Resolution is to be considered. The printed version must be signed by the member submitting the Resolution.

C. Resolutions submitted in this manner will be compiled for review and action by the JCD-RC.

a.1. The JCD member that submits a Resolution is encouraged to communicate with the JCD-RC for clarification of the Resolution.

a.2. The JCD-RC can amend the Resolution or combine the Resolution with other resolutions addressing a similar issue and shall clearly set forth the JCD-RC’s action.

a.3. The JCD-RC’s action will be submitted to the JCD for consideration at the general meeting of the JCD.

IV. Requirements for submission of resolutions by the JCD Executive Board (JCD-EB) or by the JDC Membership immediately prior to or during a JCD meeting:

A. Circumstances may dictate that a resolution be drafted by the JCD-EB immediately prior to or during a JCD meeting.

B. The Chair of the JCD-EB is responsible for making sure that Resolutions of this type are submitted to a member of the JCD-RC immediately following the JCD-EB meeting.

1. A printed version of the Resolution must be signed by the JCD-EB Chair or Vice Chair before it is distributed to the JCD.

C. Resolutions submitted by the JCD-EB in this manner will be compiled for review and action by the JCD-RC.

D. A Resolution may be presented during a JCD meeting if circumstances dictate. A last minute Resolution may be presented by any JCD member provided it is signed by ten (10) JCD members.

V. Requirements for submission by the JCD Precinct Caucuses:

A. Attendees are encouraged but not required to submit Resolutions at the JCD Precinct Caucuses using the format described in VII below and available on the JCD web site (

VI. Requirements for submission by the JCD County Convention:

A. It is encouraged that Resolutions be submitted in accordance with JCD County Convention-Rules for Submission of Proposed Platform Amendments and Resolutions available on the JCD Web Site (These rules, when proposed, are posted at

(NOTE: The following Convention Rules were adopted by the May 1, 2016 convention and used to consider eight resolutions, of which six passed. Please note that the usual two-week deadline was included, as it gave the Resolutions Committee time to do its work. The 2018 Convention Rules may be different. 

18. The Resolutions Committee shall have the authority to decide the order in which the resolutions will be presented.

19. Resolutions were due April 17, 2016. The rules for resolutions adopted by the Jefferson County Democrats on January 22, 2012, specifically articles I, II, III, VI, VII, VIII and IX are incorporated herein by this reference, except that article IX.2 shall also include the option of presenting a resolution for consideration without any recommendations. These rules can be found on the Jefferson County Democrats’ web site under By-Laws and Rules. The two-thirds majority requirement shall apply at the convention.

20. Amendments to the resolutions will not be accepted at the convention. Any resolutions not being considered will be brought before the General Membership of the Jefferson County Democrats at the next scheduled membership meeting.

21. The motion “to table” shall be out of order at all times.) 

VII. Resolutions submitted by a JCD Member and the JCD Executive Board must be drafted in the same manner as the Resolution titled (and linked here as)  “Refocus Border Patrol Operations to Interdiction at the Border.”

Attendees to the JCD Precinct Caucuses and the JCD County Convention are encouraged to submit Resolutions using this same format. Important elements of this formatting include the following:

A. The TITLE of the Resolution must be clearly and concisely stated at the beginning of the Resolution.

B. The Resolution must contain at least one “WHEREAS” stating the situation to be addressed by the Resolution.

C. The Resolution must contain at least one “THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT” stating the action or actions to be taken if the Resolution is adopted.

D. Clauses should be worded as if written from the point of view of the JCD and not the maker originally submitting the Resolution.

E. The Resolution must contain the NAME of the member or maker submitting the Resolution and the DATE it was submitted at the bottom of the Resolution.

VIII. Responsibilities of the JCD-Resolutions Committee:

A. The JCD-RC will review each proposed Resolution for the following elements: 1. Timely submission, as specified in III.A and III.B 2. Proper submission, as specified in II, III, IV, V and VI. 3. Proper elements, as specified in VII.

B. The JCD-RC will further review each proposed Resolution for a reasonable, attainable, and limited scope of action in the “Resolved” clauses. 1. Any action resolved must be within the power of the Jefferson County Democrats (JCD) or its Chairman and officers and/or the Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) or its Chairman and staff. 2. Any action resolved must be appropriately limited in scope, difficulty and cost appropriate to the Resolution.

C. The JCD-RC will amend or reject any Resolution that has not met all above criteria.

IX. Resolutions submitted for consideration and action at the general meeting of the JCD.

A. All Resolutions shall be distributed to the JCD Members present at the JCD general meeting where the Resolution will be presented. In addition the JCD-RC will make a good faith effort to post all Resolutions on the JCD web site ( prior to the general meeting at which the Resolution will be presented and acted on.

1. The Resolutions will reflect any changes adopted by the JCD-RC.

2. The Resolutions will include the recommendation of the JCD-RC (DO-PASS, PASS WITH AMENDMENT, DO NOT PASS, OR RETURN TO SENDER).

3. In all other matters not covered expressly by these rules the Bylaws of the JCD and Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised, shall prevail.

4. Following adoption of a Resolution by the JCD appropriate action will be taken by the Chair of the JCD for transmission of the Resolution to the WSDCC or other parties.

X. The JCD BYLAWS address Resolutions (refer Article V-Meetings, section G).

A. A Resolution may be passed by a simple majority of JCD members present, provided it has been introduced and read at a previous meeting of the JCD.

B. A two/thirds (2/3) majority of those JCD members present is required to pass a Resolution at the same meeting at which it is introduced.

C. No proxy or absentee votes shall be recognized.

Rules passed and adopted on January 22, 2012.