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When important issues concerning our values and platform come up, Jefferson County Democrats takes a stand, and we call on someone (the party, a legislator, a delegation) to act in response to our concern. Any member (or the Board itself) may put forward a resolution for consideration of the membership.

Our Resolutions Committee collaborates with those who have submitted resolutions, to get resolutions into shape for consideration by the members. The committee helps those who submit resolutions refine the intent and language so that ideas can be presented to our membership, debated and voted on in time-efficient ways; focusing on issues and ideas rather than on form of the resolution. JCD’s Resolutions Committee also is able to help members shape resolutions that will be taken seriously by the WSDCC Resolutions Committee. Historically we’ve done well with this approach. Matt Sircely and Bill Miller wrote a JCD resolution that the state uses as a model for others.

The process and proper form for resolutions are laid out in our Rules.

Before submitting your resolution, please check here to see whether the State Party has already addressed your issue. The State Party will not adopt redundant resolutions. If you find that the State Party has already adopted a resolution on an idea you want to present but you believe an update is needed, please reference the State’s previous resolution when submitting your idea.

About Resolution Sections

Whereas Statements: The first part of the resolution should briefly describe the issue and make a logical and persuasive case for taking the action specified in the “Therefore statement.” These statements are most effective if they are based in fact and low in hyperbole. We want people to be open to our message. We don’t want anyone pointing out inaccurate “whereas” statements as a reason not to act.

Therefore statements: The Therefore is the action you want. Be specific. Don’t just say you want something to stop. You need to name someone who will do something within their power to address the situation you have identified. Read the Rules carefully on this point.

You will find here the Rules for Resolutions.

You will find here, a Resolutions Log.

About Resolution Committee Recommendations

From Section IX, 2 of our Rules for Resolutions:

The Resolutions will include the recommendation of the JCD-RC:

  • Resolution IN COMPLIANCE with Criteria in JCD Rules for Resolutions; Forward to membership for Review and Action. (Formerly DO PASS.)
  • Resolution NOT IN COMPLIANCE with Criteria in JCD Rules for Resolutions; Forward to membership for Review and Action.

October 24, 2017

The following resolutions will be read before the membership at our October 24th meeting:

September 19, 2017 The following resolutions, read before the membership at our August 29th meeting, were voted upon by membership on September 19:

The following resolution was postponed and will be take up at our October 24th, 2017 meeting:

August 29, 2017 The following proposed resolutions have been reviewed by our Resolutions Committee for format compliance and were read aloud at our August 29th membership meeting.

July 25, 2017  The following resolutions, read at our June 20th meeting, were voted upon by membership:

June 20, 2017 The following three resolutions, read at our May 22nd meeting, were voted upon by membership:

and one resolution read at our May 22nd meeting was withdrawn by the submitter:

Also, the following four resolutions, reviewed by the resolutions committee and meeting criteria for presentation to the membership were read before the membership:

  1. Superdelegates
  2. Party Unity 6-11-2017
  3. 2020 Presidential Race v2
  4. Restrict First Strike 6-11-2017

May 22, 2017 The following resolutions were reviewed by the resolutions committee and meet the criteria for being presented to membership. The “Therefore” statements of all 8 resolutions listed below were read aloud at the membership meeting on May 22, 2017. Items below numbered 5, 6, 7 and 8 were the subject of a motion to postpone consideration until after the WA State Democrats receive reports from the WA State Democrats rules committee, and the DNC unity reform commission, both due in 2018.

  1. Port Townsend City Income Tax
  2. Transferability of Health Insurance Deductibles 
  3. Emergency Supply of Medication
  4. Elect the U.S. President & Vice President by Popular Vote – Vers. 3 – Signed
  5. Eliminate Precinct Presidential Nominating Caucuses
  6. Eliminate Superdelegates From Any Role At Democratic National Conventions
  7. Resolution on Hillary Clinton presidential bid in 2020
  8. Party Unity

April 25, 2017:

  1. Urging Washington State Legislators to fully fund education during the special session.
    Click here to read.
    Result: DID NOT PASS.

February 28, 2017:

These resolutions were presented to the membership:

  1. Sponsor House Joint Resolution 48 and a Companion Senate Bill.
    Click here to read.
    Result: PASSED.
  2. Support Establishing the Washington Investment Trust.
    Click here to read.  Click here to read supporting documentation.
    Result: PASSED.
  3. Apply Economic Sanctions on Israel.
    Click here to read. Click here to read supporting documentation.
  4. Call for Donna Brazile to Resign or be Fired from the DNC.
    Click here to read the resolution.  Click here to read supporting documentation.
    Result: DID NOT PASS.

January 26, 2017:

The following resolution was submitted by David Tonkin, but was not heard.  call-for-donna-brazile-to-resign-or-be-fired-from-the-dnc-rev-1

December 4, 2016:

The following resolution was submitted by David Tonkin, but was not heard.  call-for-donna-brazile-to-resign-or-be-fired-from-the-dnc-rev-1

September 27, 2016: 

Resolution in support of Standing Rock Sioux in their effort to block oil pipeline. Also calls on Army Corps of Engineers to do a new, full EIS. resolution-jodi-b

Calls on our congressional delegation to oppose TPP and to vote against it. Also calls on the Chair of JCD to publicize the resolution in various ways, including posting it here. tpp-res-from-9-27-16

May 1, 2016: Resolutions passed at the Jefferson County Democratic Convention.

1Resolution, West JeffCo, Emergency Prep Calls for more coordination for West Jefferson County.

2 The resolution calling for support of proportional pledging of superdelegates did not pass the convention.

3 Resolution, Engels, Superdelegates, edit. Calls for advocacy against superdelegates.

4Resolution, I-735 Diane’s last Calls for voter support, legislator action.

5 The resolution calling on our legislators to support passage of I-732 Carbon Tax was not passed by the convention.

6Resolution, Milholland, Navy Warfare Range – KLS edits. Calls for lessened impacts and full EIS.

7Resolution, Milholland, Cancel Nukes Calls for cancellation of nuclear weapon orders and more work toward peace.

8Resolution, Milholland, Peace Pledge Calls for Peace Pledges by candidates.

October, 2015: Our Marbled Murrelet resolution was (1/2016) adopted by the Washington State Democrats. Murrelet Resolution as passed