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Jefferson County Democrats Platform

Adopted at Jefferson County Democratic Convention

May 1, 2016

We believe in the values of community, dignity, equality, fairness, opportunity, respect and tolerance. These values support the ideals of liberty and justice provided for in the United States Constitution. We believe public policy must be inspired by our ideals; our actions must be based on our values and knowledge – not on our fears.

We expect members of our party who participate in government to cooperate in resolving issues in a manner consistent with these values.

We the people are sovereign. Natural persons are the foundation of government. We believe the future is not a place we are going to, but one we are creating every day through our thoughts and actions. We believe we will fulfill our potential and create the future we want through work that advances our values and ideals.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – We recognize public funds are precious resources to be mindfully acquired and used for the common good.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – We support policies that sustain an economically vital community. We believe in supporting local businesses and in fostering an entrepreneurial climate that drives innovation and creates opportunities for people to excel and prosper. We support livable wage legislation and insist on equal opportunity and fairness for all.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS — A community’s resilience and sustainability are truly tested when disaster strikes. In a worst-case scenario, we know we may be on our own for months before significant assistance can arrive. To get ready, we support the establishment of neighborhood emergency preparedness networks and educational programs that teach people how to shelter in place until help arrives. By becoming self-reliant now, we improve our odds of survival and our ability to rebound.

ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP – The protection of our natural environment is integral to our health and our well-being. We know immediate and sustained action is necessary to blunt the effects of climate change, and in all our actions, we resolve to protect clean water and clean air.

LOCAL FOOD PRODUCTION – Among all our goals, the ability to feed ourselves with local food is the most basic. Only about 4% of our food is currently produced in Jefferson County. Protecting and supporting local food production must be an essential part of our planning, and we embrace policies that protect all farmlands from encroachment and conversion to non-farming.

INFRASTRUCTURE – We support efforts to ensure we have safe, secure and reliable transportation, communication, water, sewer, Internet and electrical systems. We also support essential infrastructure for schools, healthcare institutions, public parks and emergency response and preparedness.

HEALTH CARE – We believe high quality health care is an essential human right. We advocate for systems that support mental health, physical well-being and dental care. It’s essential that all patients be fully informed of all legal medical options for their care, and be given prompt access to treatments of their choice.

EDUCATION – We acknowledge we are all naturally curious, lifelong learners, in the trades and in the liberal arts, and that public education is a cornerstone of our civic life. Adequate public support for education, from birth through advanced levels of study, is essential to our happiness and our prosperity.

RIGHTS AND JUSTICE – We support community policing. We believe in addressing social problems that tend to foster crime, and we support penal systems that focus on prevention and rehabilitation. We also advocate for and support efforts that ensure everyone is provided equal treatment and protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

SOCIAL JUSTICE – We recognize our community is diminished by social and economic injustice. The growing gap between rich and poor, the lack of decent and affordable housing, the acknowledged inequity of Washington State’s regressive tax system and the uneven application of laws all erect barriers to our security and success.

CIVIC INVOLVMENT – The hallmark of a free society is the opportunity to wholeheartedly engage in civic affairs. We support adopting laws that make it easier to vote, and oppose laws making it harder to vote. We think consideration should be given to mail ballots that don’t require postage. We insist on checks and balances in our electoral systems so we can be confident our elections are free from corruption or undue influence. We support the right of everyone to participate and speak freely on matters of public interest and to support candidates of their choice, but we believe all financial and in kind support of candidates — and groups supporting candidates — should be disclosed to the public.