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The Real Story

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[caption id="attachment_4621" align="alignright" width="300"] January 26th Membership Meeting[/caption] While we were saddened to learn of the resignation of our chair, we would be more disappointed if that were the story that overshadowed the real story... because it's an incredibly positive one. People in Jefferson County are taking action and willing to make JC Dems the vessel for their voices. Imagine our surprise, delight and gratitude at the sheer volume of members in attendance, including many who just joined or rejoined, ready for action. As we scrambled to change to a large venue, members old and new alike pitched in and helped move and set up. We can't thank Chimacum School District Superintendent, Rick Thompson, enough for his emergency hospitality. It is a sign of a healthy body and community that we moved forward so well under exceptional circumstances. We're going to make changes as a result of people speaking up last night: bigger venues and rearrangement of agenda items to more quickly facilitate empowering grassroots action. We have greatly appreciated all of the emails and phone calls of support after the meeting, the patience of everyone who attended last night. And be assured ... our eyes as a party are focused resolutely in one direction. Forward. We look forward to seeing everyone back next month and getting to work.

January Highlights

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[caption id="attachment_4569" align="alignright" width="109"] Phil Johnson[/caption] January 3rd -- Your Executive Board held their first meeting in Brinnon. Standing Committee appointments were made, and the Chair's theme of grassroots activity emphasized. The 2017 budget was adopted. An environmental studies scholarship fund was approved to honor the legacy of retired Commissioner Phil Johnson. Holding our March membership meeting in Port Ludlow was approved. More in minutes, to be distributed January 26th. January 12th -- Dems Dined Out.  35+ people gathered at The Cup in Port Townsend for an evening of camaraderie and conversation. Our first Legislators Round Table was announced. Petitions opposing Growler noise quickly filled! [caption id="attachment_4574" align="alignleft" width="181"] Connie Gallant transitions LD24 Chair to Matt Sircely[/caption] January 14th -- LD 24 Reorganization. Elected PCOs from Clallam, Grays Harbor, and Jefferson counties voted in four officers. Congratulations to Matt Sircely, Chair; Julie Johnson (Clallam), Vice Chair; Diane Jones, State Committeewoman, and Jeff Engels, State Committeeman. Filling 3 of 4 positions, Jefferson County democrats continue to volunteer as leaders in helping people shape the future through our party. Thanks and congratulations to all! A special thanks to Connie Gallant, for her leadership of LD24 over the past two years. January 21st - Women's March in Port Townsend: the Resistance has been born.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Resistance Words roll off my tongue and into the chill of winter. Ideals mightier than swords, Words vitalized by our resistance.   January 24th -  Meet and Greet Reception at PTCC.  It was great to see so many and hear a great buzz at this coffee reception, prior to  Diane Jones' PSARA presentation on retirement security.  There was lively debate and networking, a healthy sign among people who are shaping the future through active democracy. Visitors ranged from honored past board members to someone for whom this was their first Dems event; an encouraging dynamic. Membership Report: 1/1/2016 membership count: 309. 1/16/2017 membership count: 654. Take our Survey: Click here to help us gather information on the best ways to communicate with people in your area.

Economic Impact of Invasive Species: Official Report Links

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JCD member David Tonkin is thrilled to announce the completion of a Washington State study on the economic impact of invasive species: plants, animals, and insects. David began working on this issue in 2014, with formation of the Scotch Broom Working Group – which he co-founded with Jill Silver, former Chair of the Jefferson County Noxious Weed Control Board. The public release of the report occurred on January 12. Funded and initiated by several Washington State agencies and conducted by Community Attributes Inc. of Seattle, the study involved 12 invasive plant species, 3 invasive animal species and 3 invasive insect species. Its major conclusions are that these invasive species costs Washington's businesses and government $1.3 billion and 8000 jobs lost each year, and that the most costly species are: Rush skeletonweed, Scotch broom, apple maggots, and zebra & quagga mussels. Read the press release, fact sheet, and the full report by going to the links below.

  • Click here to view the Press Release.

  • Click here to view the Project Website.

  • Click here to view the Full Report.

It took a lot of phone calls, emails and meetings, but David got support from the Jefferson County Democrats, 24th LD Democrats, and the WA State Democratic Party (aided by several JCD members), a quarter of the WA State Republican Party State Committee, the WA State Assoc. of [county] Noxious Weed Control Board Coordinators, 6 tribes, and a dozen WA business associations representing WA farm, ranch and timber businesses. With that support behind him, he lobbied the relevant state agencies and got support from 2 state agency heads. Then the Washington State Invasive Species Council and Noxious Weed Control Board were able to persuade those state agencies to put together a funding package and do a study of the economic impact of 18 invasive species: plants, animals, and insects Please note that former JCD E-Bd members George Yount, Bill Miller, Claire Roney, Bruce Cowan, and Deborah Pedersen all contributed to the successful passage of the resolution by the WSDP Agriculture Caucus and Resolutions Committee and finally by the WSDCC. David Tonkin gives special thanks to Jill Silver for her excellent presentation to the Ag Caucus. Congratulations and gratitude to all who worked hard to focus attention and bring together the forces that created this study. We'll look forward to hearing from David at our January 26th membership meeting and learning more about how this may impact legislation.

In Memoriam: Gabe Ornelas

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[caption id="attachment_4564" align="aligncenter" width="297"] Gabe and Robin Ornelas[/caption]

We have lost a good friend in Gabe Ornelas, who died this past week of pneumonia. Gabe was a great guy. He and his wife Robin were inseparable, and they consistently showed up together at meetings and celebrations for many years. They were always ready to help, and always took an interest in our issues.

A former LAPD officer, Gabe was proud that he was among the first to participate in the innovation of community policing. He was placed in a special unit stationed in a challenging neighborhood, where officers got out of their cars and formed connections with the people they were meant to serve and protect. It's easy to see why he would be chosen for the assignment, with his affable, friendly nature, and his great sense of humor.

Gabe and Robin served the party in many ways, especially as a bartender at the Fish Feast and other events. He doorbelled with our candidates, participated in GOTV events for many years, volunteered at Fair events, loved all parades, always ready to lend a hand. Gabe was also always concerned about the health and welfare of friends and others in need. He was the type of person who would literally take the shirt off his back to help someone who needed it most.

Robin and Gabe put life into every celebration, and we are very sad to have lost such a dear friend. Our hearts go out to Robin, who has lost her soul mate.

Bruce Cowan & Connie Gallant

Dems Dine Out Report – January 12, 2017

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Thanks to everyone who turned out tonight for conversation at the first Dems Dine Out of 2017! We had a full house, which produced much-needed body heat and filled the room with noise and laughter. Our first Legislators Round Table was announced along with a reminder that elected PCOs are needed at the LD Reorganization this Saturday in Quilcene, and our next Membership Meeting is January 26th in Chimacum. FYI announcements were made about Holding the Line on January 20th and petitions opposing Growler noise, which quickly filled. The fish was fresh and the conversation engaging: thanks to everyone involved in putting together this evening's event!

Executive Board Meeting Agenda

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Executive Board Agenda Meeting of Jan. 3, 2017 6:00pm

Brinnon Community Center, Address: 306144 US-101, Brinnon, WA 98320

Call to Order Establishment of Additional Agenda Items Previous Meeting Minutes Chair's Report Treasurer's Report Communications/Public Relations Committee Report Old Business New Business:
  • eBoard Member self-introductions
  • Appointments to Committees
  • Approve moving Membership Meeting from 1/24 to 1/26
  • Coffee Reception on 1/24
  • Award/Gift for Phil Johnson
  • Annual Calendar for eBoard and Membership Meetings
  • Dex Advertising
  • Streamlining Communications
  • E&O Insurance
  • Office at Colab?
  • Honoring MLK at meeting on 1/26
  • Bylaws Ad-Hoc Committee
  • 2017 Budget Review
  • Education Ad-Hoc Committee
General Discussion Adjournment