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Executive Board Meetings move to 2nd Mondays

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Our board voted to move E-Board meetings to the 2nd Monday of each month. Meetings typically are held from 6pm to 8pm. Our default location is the Humphries Room at Jefferson County Library at 620 Cedar Avenue in Port Hadlock, though the location may vary. Check the calendar on our home page to be certain. Meetings have been booked at the Jefferson County Library for June 20th, July 10th, and August 14th, 2017.

Rhody Parade: Join Us!

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Be a party of Jefferson County history! It's a fun and long-lasting tradition to march in this parade celebrating sunshine and beauty. This year's festival theme is Enchanted Rhody. Some members with children are coming costumed with fairy wings, a great enchanted touch! Others are having sign painting parties to focus on issues such as Single Payer Healthcare, and Amend to End Citizens United (positions our membership has supported via the resolutions process).

The staging area is in upper Port Townsend, in the area along Lawrence Street between Calhoun and Harrison. Come and find us! We are Entry #74. 

John Hamilton will arrive at 9:00 a.m. with his truck and a trailer, for decorating. Bring rhododendrons! The parade starts at 1:00 PM. About 8 people will be able to ride aboard the float, rather than walk.

If you have not RSVPd, please drop us a line at to do so, and let us know how many friends, or precinct members, you are bringing.

We need banner carriers. We have a banner on two poles, and need pairs to carry the banner.  Multiple pairs will mean no one has to carry it the whole way!

A Fun and Successful Event: Phil Johnson / Earth Day Silent Auction

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On April 22nd (Earth Day, 2017) over 100 people came out for our first silent auction, honoring retired County Commissioner Phil Johnson and his legacy of work on behalf of the environment in Jefferson County. Thanks to everyone who participated! We cleared over $5,000 to support scholarships. Click here to read more about the Phil Johnson Scholarship Announcement. 

March 9th Comments Deadline: Marbled Murrelet Conservation

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*Deadline for comments: 5PM on Thursday, March 9th.  Below are two links to download template language, with instructions on where to e-mail your comments. Sustainable Harvest Calculation DIES Comment Draft Individual Letter

 Individual Support Letter for Conservation Alternative for Marbled Murrelet

A coalition of Peninsula and WA state conservation groups has been working on marbled murrelet conservation for 3 decades - and it has come down to the next few days on two important policies. The State has finally released its Long Term Conservation Strategy and its DEIS analysis. Related and paired to this strategy is the Sustainable Harvest Calculation, a decadal limit for cutting timber on state public lands, and its DEIS. Both will likely significantly contribute to the extirpation of the species.

The two "asks", which must be submitted separately to DNR:

  1. Marbled Murrelet Long Term Conservation Strategy DEIS comment instructions are specific and found about a third of the way down on this page: Ask: Issue a revised / supplemental DEIS on the Long Term Conservation Strategy considering "The Conservation Alternative" that we are proposing; ask the Commissioner of Public Lands to convene a Task Force that will study and make recommendations on alternative, sustainable, sources of funding for timber counties (trustees) and communities for essential services (school, fire, emergency, health/hospital funding);
  2. Sustainable Harvest Calculation DEIS comment instructions are specific and also are found about a third of the way down on this page: Ask: Issue a revised / supplemental DEIS on the Sustainable Harvest Calculation that implements the "The Conservation Alternative"; and ask the Commissioner of Public Lands to convene a Task Force that will study and make recommendations on alternative, sustainable, sources of funding for timber counties (trustees) and communities or essential services (school, fire, emergency, health/hospital funding).
  • Dr Kara Whitaker gave a webinar on The Conservation Alternative if you would like to see it here.
  • SHC Talking Points for public meetings 1_11_2017 (1) (1)
  • 1-24-17 Conservation Alternatives Summary (1)
  • Murrelet-Resolution-as-passed

Money and Government

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Welcome to the Money and Government issues action group. Contents

  • Actions to Take
  • Contact
  • Meeting Notices
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Current Legislation
  • Resources

Actions to Take

  • Task: Use the links below to read about SB5465 and companion bill HB2059, and to register your comments on each with the Washington State legislature.

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Meeting Notices

Next Meetings: Location: Jefferson County Library, 620 Cedar Avenue, Port Hadlock
  • Sunday, February 26th, 1pm to 3pm, Shold Room
  • Sunday, March 5th, 1pm to 3pm, Shold Room
  • Sunday, March 12th, 1pm to 3pm, Shold Room

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About / Statement of Purpose

Economic Justice is a Platform Issue.  The following statement on economic justice is quoted from the Washington State Democrats platform: Economic Justice, Jobs and Tax Fairness  Income inequality is the driving issue of our time. We are committed to a sustainable economy with strong communities based on living-wage jobs, tax fairness, and shared prosperity. (Washington Democrats State Platform, 2017) Jefferson County Democrats Bylaws bind us to "Endorse and/or support organizations and activities that reflect the Platform of the Jefferson County Democrats and that improve the welfare of Jefferson County, its people, and its natural environment." Within JCD, this group will help JCD membership study and track legislation pertaining to money and government, such that the membership can intelligently question candidates for office as well as elected representatives, and inform others.

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Current Legislation

      • Click here read about SB 5464, establishing the Washington investment trust.
      • Click here to read about HB 2059, establishing the Washington investment trust.
      • Click here to read a general description of SB 5464 and the benefits it would bring to education in Washington State.
      • Click here to watch an informational video about SB 5464.
      • Click here to read the Senate Bill report.


    • Click here to read the Jefferson County Democrats’ Platform.
    • Click here to read the Jefferson County Democrats' Bylaws.
    • Click here to read Washington State Democrats’ Economic Justice page.
    • Click here to read the Washington State Democrats Platform.
    • Click here to read about the Washington State legislative process.

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To join the people who will be leading research and action on this important topic, contact Contact: Norm Norton, (360) 732-4723.

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Urgent Actions

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Some things you can do today:

  • Click here to visit the "5 Calls, 5 Minutes" site for an ongoing, updated list of issues and contact numbers.
  •  Call Reichert On ACA   (Again!) (An Action Request from WA State Dems)
    So the Rs are trying again to repeal ACA ... let's figure out a plan to get Dave Reichert to vote No ... He is one of the 23 Rs in Congressional Districts that voted for Clinton.
    There are 193 Ds in the House; plus these 23 Rs that potentially could be persuaded to vote No = 216, so the Ds would still need to find 2 more to vote No to defeat what's likely to happen in the next day or two or next week, that is, the Rs attempt to once again repeal ACA and replace with an awful bill.
    The 8th CD is: Kent, Renton, Issaquah, East Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Redmond, Ellensburg, Auburn. If anyone knows anyone living in these towns or nearby they need to hound Dave Reichert's office so that he votes No.
    If you go to Daily Kos and look for article dated Feb 6, 2017 "These 23 Republicans hold congressional districts that voted for Hillary Clinton" you will get the scoop on 23 Rs who must vote No on repealing ACA; the Freedom Caucus is now on Board with Trump to Repeal and so the ball is now in the "moderate" Republican camp.

    U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert had previously vowed that “no one will lose coverage” under the Republican health care proposal. But as we know, that’s false. Reichert is lying about Trumpcare and the millions of people who would lose health care or see their premiums rise sky high. And while he’s already voted once to pass Trumpcare out of the House Ways & Means Committee, we need to hold him accountable in advance of a vote of the full House of Representatives.

    Reichert’s office phone numbers are:

  • Washington D.C. 202-225-7761

  • Issaquah 425-677-7414

  • Wenatchee 509-885-6615

    Call Reichert’s office and let him know that Washingtonians expect Congress to expand health care coverage, not cut it! The ACA is the most popular it has been in years, it’s provided health care to 750,000 people in our state, and Republicans are going in the wrong direction.

  • Add Your Name To Our Health Care Petition (An Action Request from WA State Dems)

    We’re collecting a petition of names people across our state who want to see health care preserved. If you’ve already contacted the office of Congressman Reichert or taken another action, the next step is to click here to add your name to our petition telling Republicans in Congress: Hands off our healthcare! Or forward this email to a friend, and encourage them to add their name as well. Not only can we report to Congress how many thousands of people are signing these petitions, but we can rally our grassroots base around this important issue.

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced legislation, the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act, to require the President and Vice-President to divulge and resolve all conflicts of interest in the Dakota Access Pipeline. MoveOn is coordinating petition delivery to each congressperson, asking each congressperson to pass Senator Warren's bill, and then enforce it. Click here to read the Presidential Conflict of Interests Act. If you would like Jefferson County Democrats to take an official position on the Presidential Conflict of Interests Act, consider submitting a resolution. Click here to read about our resolutions process.
  • Look under our Committees section to find Issues Action Groups that may be working on issues you want to follow and work on. Click here to reach our Committees home page.
  • Volunteer with Jefferson County Democrats to help us provide better, faster coverage on how to fight back! Contact your PCO or e-mail Your PCO's contact information can be found by clicking here.
  • Follow us on twitter: @JeffersonCoDems. Click here to be taken to our twitter page.
  • Like our facebook page to read posts there: Click here to be taken to our facebook page.
  • Contact information for your elected officials can be found by clicking here.

The Real Story

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[caption id="attachment_4621" align="alignright" width="300"] January 26th Membership Meeting[/caption] While we were saddened to learn of the resignation of our chair, we would be more disappointed if that were the story that overshadowed the real story... because it's an incredibly positive one. People in Jefferson County are taking action and willing to make JC Dems the vessel for their voices. Imagine our surprise, delight and gratitude at the sheer volume of members in attendance, including many who just joined or rejoined, ready for action. As we scrambled to change to a large venue, members old and new alike pitched in and helped move and set up. We can't thank Chimacum School District Superintendent, Rick Thompson, enough for his emergency hospitality. It is a sign of a healthy body and community that we moved forward so well under exceptional circumstances. We're going to make changes as a result of people speaking up last night: bigger venues and rearrangement of agenda items to more quickly facilitate empowering grassroots action. We have greatly appreciated all of the emails and phone calls of support after the meeting, the patience of everyone who attended last night. And be assured ... our eyes as a party are focused resolutely in one direction. Forward. We look forward to seeing everyone back next month and getting to work.

January Highlights

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[caption id="attachment_4569" align="alignright" width="109"] Phil Johnson[/caption] January 3rd -- Your Executive Board held their first meeting in Brinnon. Standing Committee appointments were made, and the Chair's theme of grassroots activity emphasized. The 2017 budget was adopted. An environmental studies scholarship fund was approved to honor the legacy of retired Commissioner Phil Johnson. Holding our March membership meeting in Port Ludlow was approved. More in minutes, to be distributed January 26th. January 12th -- Dems Dined Out.  35+ people gathered at The Cup in Port Townsend for an evening of camaraderie and conversation. Our first Legislators Round Table was announced. Petitions opposing Growler noise quickly filled! [caption id="attachment_4574" align="alignleft" width="181"] Connie Gallant transitions LD24 Chair to Matt Sircely[/caption] January 14th -- LD 24 Reorganization. Elected PCOs from Clallam, Grays Harbor, and Jefferson counties voted in four officers. Congratulations to Matt Sircely, Chair; Julie Johnson (Clallam), Vice Chair; Diane Jones, State Committeewoman, and Jeff Engels, State Committeeman. Filling 3 of 4 positions, Jefferson County democrats continue to volunteer as leaders in helping people shape the future through our party. Thanks and congratulations to all! A special thanks to Connie Gallant, for her leadership of LD24 over the past two years. January 21st - Women's March in Port Townsend: the Resistance has been born.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Resistance Words roll off my tongue and into the chill of winter. Ideals mightier than swords, Words vitalized by our resistance.   January 24th -  Meet and Greet Reception at PTCC.  It was great to see so many and hear a great buzz at this coffee reception, prior to  Diane Jones' PSARA presentation on retirement security.  There was lively debate and networking, a healthy sign among people who are shaping the future through active democracy. Visitors ranged from honored past board members to someone for whom this was their first Dems event; an encouraging dynamic. Membership Report: 1/1/2016 membership count: 309. 1/16/2017 membership count: 654. Take our Survey: Click here to help us gather information on the best ways to communicate with people in your area.