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Money and Government

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Welcome to the Money and Government issues action group.


Actions to Take

  • Task: Use the links below to read about SB5465 and companion bill HB2059, and to register your comments on each with the Washington State legislature.

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Meeting Notices

Next Meetings:
Location: Jefferson County Library, 620 Cedar Avenue, Port Hadlock

  • Sunday, February 26th, 1pm to 3pm, Shold Room
  • Sunday, March 5th, 1pm to 3pm, Shold Room
  • Sunday, March 12th, 1pm to 3pm, Shold Room

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About / Statement of Purpose

Economic Justice is a Platform Issue.  The following statement on economic justice is quoted from the Washington State Democrats platform:

Economic Justice, Jobs and Tax Fairness  Income inequality is the driving issue of our time. We are committed to a sustainable economy with strong communities based on living-wage jobs, tax fairness, and shared prosperity. (Washington Democrats State Platform, 2017)

Jefferson County Democrats Bylaws bind us to “Endorse and/or support organizations and activities that reflect the Platform of the Jefferson County Democrats and that improve the welfare of Jefferson County, its people, and its natural environment.”

Within JCD, this group will help JCD membership study and track legislation pertaining to money and government, such that the membership can intelligently question candidates for office as well as elected representatives, and inform others.