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One way Jefferson County Democrats support elections is through endorsements of candidates and ballot measures.

Click on the tabs above to access information related to our elections. Click winnable legislative races if you are interested in other state legislative races where we are competitive and hopeful in increasing our majorities. Note that IND SUP and IND OPP are expenditures independent of the campaigns allowed because of Citizens United and will grow substantially. Stay tuned.  For questions and corrections email



Find out what precinct you live in
Jefferson County Auditor-elections
Public Disclosure Commission
Secretary of State


Representative Steve Tharinger, facebook
Representative Mike Chapman, website
Justice Steven C Gonzalez, incumbent, WA State Supreme Court, pos 8, website

Initiative 1631– Clean Air Clean Energy – concerns pollution

Offices up for election in 2018

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US Senate:

Senator Maria Cantwell, incumbent, Democrat, website
Susan Hutchinson, Republican, website

US House of Representatives:

Representative Derek Kilmer, incumbent, Democrat, website
Douglas Dightman, Republican, website

State House of Representatives:

Representative Steve Tharinger, incumbent pos 2, Democrat, facebook
James F McEntire, pos 2, Republican, website
Representative Mike Chapman, incumbent, pos 1, Democrat, website
Jodi M Wilke, pos 1, Republican, facebook

County Commissioner, District 3:

Gregory A Brotherton, Democrat, website
Jon Cooke, Republican, website

Prosecuting Attorney:

Michael E Haas, incumbent, Democrat, website
James M Kennedy, Democrat, website


Rose Ann Carroll, incumbent, Democrat


Jeffrey S Chapman, incumbent, Democrat


Stacie L Prada, incumbent, Democrat


Ruthann Gordon, incumbent, Democrat


David J Stanko, incumbent, no party affiliation,  website
Joe Nole, Democrat, website


PUD Commissioner, District 3:

Dan Toepper, website
Tom Brotherton, website

Jefferson County District Court Judge:

Noah F Harrison, website
Mindy L Walker, website

State Supreme Court Judges:

Justice Steven C Gonzalez, incumbent, pos 8, website
Nathan Choi, pos 8
Sheryl G McCloud, incumbent, unopposed, pos 9, website
Susan J Owens, incumbent, unopposed, pos 2

Appeals Court Judge, Division2, District 2 (Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, Thurston):

Rebecca Glasgow, website

The following initiatives have been certified by the SOS:

I-940, It is not certain this measure will be on the ballot yet. It was certified in 2017. The 2018 state legislature worked on it. Whether it goes on the ballot is being challenged.

Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would require all law enforcement officers in the state to receive violence de-escalation and mental health training, as developed by the criminal justice training commission. It would require law enforcement personnel to provide first-aid to save lives and require law enforcement agencies to adopt guidelines for implementing this duty. It would amend the standards for justifiable use of deadly force by law enforcement, including adding a “good faith” standard and requiring independent investigation.


Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would require enhanced background checks, firearm training, and waiting periods before semiautomatic assault rifles may be purchased or delivered. It would impose age limitations on who may purchase or possess certain firearms, including prohibiting firearm purchases by persons under age 21. It would require certain secured firearm storage or trigger-locks, and criminalize certain firearm storage if it results in unauthorized use. It would enact other firearm-related requirements, including certain warnings, recordkeeping, and fees.


Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would prohibit new or increased local taxes, fees, or assessments on raw or processed foods, beverages, or their ingredients, intended for human consumption except alcoholic beverages, marijuana products, and tobacco, unless they are generally applicable and meet specified requirements. Collection of local sales and use taxes, and of taxes, fees, and assessments on such raw or processed foods or beverages, or any ingredients thereof, that were in effect January 15, 2018, may continue.


Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would impose pollution fees on certain large emitters of greenhouse gas pollutants based on rules determining carbon content, starting in 2020. A public board would supervise spending the revenues on reducing pollution, promoting clean energy, and addressing climate impacts to the environment and communities. Utilities could receive credits for approved investments. Indian tribes would consult on projects directly impacting their land. There would be periodic reporting on the measure’s effectiveness.

Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) are elected through the primary election process. The following people were elected as PCOs during the August 7, 2018 primary election. They will begin their terms as PCOs on December 1, 2018:

Subject to change in tight races that could be impacted by late arriving ballots. Click here to access results online. Election results will be officially certified on August 21, 2018

101 Ann Waldron
102 Ben Rutherford
103 Chelsea Pronovost
104 Linda Sutton
105 Diane Jones
106 Claire Roney
107 Cindy Jayne
200 Peter Newland
201 Patricia Jones
204 Beth Stroh-Stern
300 Kacie Starling
301 Gail Lucas
302 Jean Ball
303 Wilma Hackman
304 Linda J Brewster
305 Dayna Neely-DuBose
306 Bethel Prescott
307 Linda Abbott-Roe
308 John Gunning
401 Martin Ivers
500 Linda Karp
501 J Svien
502 Gerald Lasser
504 Kristina Hestenes
505 John Fabian
600 Jimmy Conomos
601 Taft C Williams
700 Cynthia Koan
701 Scott Seymour
702 Gary Engbrecht
703 Gary B. Larson
704 Jonathan S Bakin
705 Marie Stone
706 Bruce Cowan
707 John N. Collins
708 Elizabeth (Libby) Urner Wennstrom
709 John Austin
710 David King