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Jefferson County Democrats bylaws define six Standing Committees. The chairs of these six committees are appointed by the chair of Jefferson County Democrats and they sit on our Executive Board.

Recommended ADA accessible meeting locations include: Port Townsend Community Center, Chimacum Grange, Port Hadlock County Library, Chimacum High School cafeteria, Oscar Erickson building at the Fairgrounds, Blue Heron Middle School Cafeteria, Gardner Community Center, Tri-Area Community Center, Quilcene Community Center, Port Ludlow Beach Club and the American Legion in Port Townsend.

Please do not use: Locations that have stair-only access, small bathrooms or rough terrain. Click here for a PDF Venue Guide and click here for a PDF Restaurant Guide of accessible locations.

Standing Committee Chairs:

  1. Communications/Public Relations – Daniel Erlenborn,
  2. Elections – Kristina Hestenes Stimson,
  3. Finance – Open Position
  4. Membership – Beth Stroh-Stern,
  5. Operations – Open Position
  6. Political Action – Diane Jones,

In addition, a number of ad hoc committees are formed for special purposes.

Ad Hoc Committees:

• Affirmative Action Committee; Chair: Bethel Prescott,
• By-laws: The Central Committee has a Bylaws Committee.
• Civil Behavior/Code of Conduct: Open Position – Reports to Operations.
• Education: Rick Doherty, Chair. Reports to Membership.
• Fish Feast: Claire Roney and Wilma Hackman, Co-Chairs. Reports to Membership.
• Inventory Audit and Scanning: Open Position – Reports to Operations.
• Membership Database: Marty Gilmore, Chair. Reports to Membership.
• Phil Johnson Scholarships: Reports to Finance.
• Silent Auction Fundraiser – PJ Scholarships – Wilma Hackman, Chair.
• Programs: Celeste Bennett, Chair. Reports to Membership.
• Resolutions: Open Position
• Rhody Festival Parade: Beth Stroh-Stern
• Technology: Cynthia Koan, Chair. Reports to Communications.

Issues & Action Groups:

• Elections Reform – Presidential: David Tonkin (360) 385-2468, (360) 302-1446,
• Healthcare: Contact Carla Woodward (360) 531-4510,
• Housing & Homelessness: Contact Jan Krick (541) 254-0325
• Money and Government : Contact Norm Norton (360) 732-4723
• Urgent Actions: Contact our main number: (360) 379-5655,

Contact the chair if you would like to volunteer for a committee. Scheduled meetings are posted on the website calendar. We would love to have you JOIN US!

Communications Committee

Chair: Daniel Erlenborn,

This committee works in three main areas of communications: 1. Social Media & Website (website, Facebook, Twitter) 2. Membership (e-newsletters, e-alerts & mailings) 3. Community (press releases, ads and radio spots).

Elections Committee

Chair: Kristina Hestenes Stimson,


Finance Committee

Chair: Open Position

Questions? Contact Treasurer Martin Ivers at

The JCD Finance Committee generally meets at 1:30 each Monday in the conference room at First Federal; however, all meeting times and locations are subject to change.

Members with finance-related questions or comments are urged to contact Treasurer Martin Ivers at to arrange a time to meet.  Informing the committee in advance of the information desired will facilitate an efficient meeting.

The Finance Committee is currently composed of Treasurer Matin Ivers and volunteer Deborah Pedersen.  It has lacked a chair since April 10, 2018.  The committee urges persons with a background in finance, accounting, or business, nonprofit, or local party management to contact the Treasurer if interested in the opportunity to be appointed chair.

The committee also seeks members and volunteers with experience in handling cash and other payments, to assist at meetings and fundraising events.

Most of the committee’s meetings are work sessions: processing transactions, preparing PDC reports and board reports.  Meetings last from two to six hours, depending on the amount of work to be done.

Responsibilities, per bylaws:

The Finance Committee, comprised of the Treasurer and other JCD members appointed by the Chair, shall review monthly financial statements and shall advise the Executive Board with regard to budget compliance and the financial position of the JCD.

As the need arises, the Finance Committee may recommend and the Executive Board may approve reallocation of income and expenditures within the budget in order to maintain budget compliance. Unanticipated expenditures which exceed the overall budget by $1,000 or more shall be approved by the Executive Board and by a majority vote of the members present and voting at a meeting of the JCD prior to disbursement. Unanticipated expenditures that are accompanied by an equal amount of unbudgeted revenue may be recommended by the Finance Committee and approved by the Board without the requirement of approval by the membership.

Membership Committee

Chair: Beth Stroh-Stern,

Operations Committee

Open Position

Political Action Committee

Chair: Diane Jones,