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The chairs of these committees are appointed by the chair of the party and sit on the Executive Board.


Chairs of the Standing Committees are:
  • Communications/Public Relations – Open Position
  • Elections – Kristina Hestenes Stimson,
  • Finance – Open Position
  • Membership – Beth Stroh-Stern,
  • Operations – Juliet Parfrey,
  • Political Action – Diane Jones,

In addition, a number of ad hoc committees are formed for special purposes.

Ad Hoc Committees

  • By-laws: The Central Committee has a Bylaws Committee.
  • Civil Behavior / Code of Conduct: Ryan Mc Allister. Reports to Operations.
  • Education: Rick Doherty, Chair. Reports to Membership.
  • Fish Feast: Claire Roney and Wilma Hackman, Co-Chairs. Reports to Membership.
  • Inventory Audit and Scanning: Ryan Mc Allister, Chair. Reports to Operations.
  • Membership Database: Marty Gilmore, Chair. Reports to Membership.
  • Phil Johnson Scholarships: Reports to Finance.
  • Silent Auction Fundraiser – PJ Scholarships – Wilma Hackman, Chair.
  • Programs: Celeste Bennett, Chair. Reports to Membership.
  • Resolutions: Chair position open at this time.
  • Rhody Festival Parade: Beth Stroh-Stern
  • Technology: Cynthia Koan, Chair. Reports to Communications.

Issues & Action Groups: