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In Memoriam: Gabe Ornelas

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[caption id="attachment_4564" align="aligncenter" width="297"] Gabe and Robin Ornelas[/caption]

We have lost a good friend in Gabe Ornelas, who died this past week of pneumonia. Gabe was a great guy. He and his wife Robin were inseparable, and they consistently showed up together at meetings and celebrations for many years. They were always ready to help, and always took an interest in our issues.

A former LAPD officer, Gabe was proud that he was among the first to participate in the innovation of community policing. He was placed in a special unit stationed in a challenging neighborhood, where officers got out of their cars and formed connections with the people they were meant to serve and protect. It's easy to see why he would be chosen for the assignment, with his affable, friendly nature, and his great sense of humor.

Gabe and Robin served the party in many ways, especially as a bartender at the Fish Feast and other events. He doorbelled with our candidates, participated in GOTV events for many years, volunteered at Fair events, loved all parades, always ready to lend a hand. Gabe was also always concerned about the health and welfare of friends and others in need. He was the type of person who would literally take the shirt off his back to help someone who needed it most.

Robin and Gabe put life into every celebration, and we are very sad to have lost such a dear friend. Our hearts go out to Robin, who has lost her soul mate.

Bruce Cowan & Connie Gallant