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The Jefferson County Planning Commission has recommended to the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) that:


This recommendation was reached after an extensive, required public decision-making process, which is now nearing its completion. The planners voted 7-0, with one abstention on Nov. 20, 2019.

By signing this petition you are indicating that:

- You are a resident of Jefferson County, WA.
- You support the Planning Commission's recommendation stated in bold, capitalized type above.

Click here for details and to sign this petition.

FYI: Seattle Times Editorial Board Re: Assault Weapons Ban

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By The Seattle Times editorial board

"A disappointingly familiar routine has played out in Olympia three years running: Attorney General Bob Ferguson proposes an assault-weapons ban, for which bills are filed in the Senate and House. Then, after moving discussion of America’s horrifying series of mass shootings, the bills quietly disappear without a floor vote in either chamber."

"Enough is enough. The Legislature’s 2020 session cannot be the fourth consecutive one — and the third in which Democrats control both houses — in which lawmakers hide from a decision. America’s plague of wanton public gun violence will not solve itself. The Legislature should ban sales of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in 2020, as Ferguson has once again proposed. For the first time, Gov. Jay Inslee has joined this request; more lawmakers should follow suit." Click link to READ MORE.

The Leader: Planning Commission: ‘No outdoor shooting ranges in Jefferson County’

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Posted Wednesday, November 27, 2019 3:00 am
Lily Haight

Jefferson County’s volunteer planning commission has advised the County Commission to block all new outdoor shooting ranges.

The planners voted 7-0, with one abstention, on Nov. 20 to recommend the county’s ordinances be amended to require that all new shooting ranges be built indoors, grandfathering in the Jefferson County Sportsmen’s Association range, which leases country property.

“There is a lot of community support around this position,” said planning commissioner Lorna Smith, who worked with fellow commissioner Cynthia Koan to draft the new language. “The main factor behind that support is the many benefits of indoor shooting ranges.”

Click here to read more.

FYI: Jefferson County PUD Assistance Programs

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Jefferson County PUD Assistance Programs

Senior Low Income Bill Credit

Qualifying low-income senior citizens, age 62 and older, who participate in this program can receive a $39.50 credit on their electric bill each month. A program for qualifying low-income senior citizens 62 years of age or older whose total household income after allowable deductions does not exceed the limits prescribed by RCW 84.36.381(5)(b)(ii). Combined disposable income for members of the household must currently be $30,000 or less.

Standard Low Income Bill Credit

Qualifying low-income customers, regardless of age, who meet this criteria receive a $39.50 credit on their electric bill each month. This program is available for all qualifying low-income customers whose gross household income does not exceed 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) as published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (Various deductions and exclusions are allowed for different types of income.)

Questions? Contact their Customer Service Representatives at 360-385-5800 Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

You can apply for these and other PUD assistance programs at:

FYI: The Last Salmon: Short Films & Discussion About the Pebble Mine

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Meaningful Movies Port Townsend Bristol Bay, Alaska is home to over half of the world’s Sockeye Salmon. A robust and sustainable fishing economy brings in $1.5 billion in revenue annually, and the local population subsists off of salmon as they have for 10,000 years. One of the largest open pit mines in the world is in the process of being permitted for construction in the heart of this watershed. The Pebble Mine is slated to produce 10 billion tons of toxic waste, 3000 for every person on earth. Join us to learn why the threat of large-scale mining in Bristol Bay is our problem here in the Puget Sound. This event will feature a series of short videos followed by a discussion and Q and A with experts on the topic. Trailer and More Info: Sponsors: Meaningful Movies Port Townsend, Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, QUUF Green Sanctuary Environmental Action Committee, QUUF Social and Environmental Justice Council, QUUF Native Connections Action Group, Trout Unlimited, and Save Bristol Bay.

Jefferson Democrats call for clear regulations on commercial gun ranges

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Urging commissioners against appeal of state board decision

by Zach Jablonski
Monday, October 28, 2019 1:30am

PORT TOWNSEND — The Jefferson County Democrats have submitted a resolution to the Jefferson Board of County Commissioners asking for “clear regulations for commercial gun ranges.”

The resolution comes after the state Growth Management Hearings Board sided with the Tarboo Ridge Coalition, determining that it has jurisdiction over gun range ordinances Title 8 and Title 18 — classifying them as land ordinances and deeming them invalid — and that the county failed to conduct a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review for Title 8, in violation of state law RCW 43.21C.030.

The requirements the resolution asks commissioners to consider are:

Click on this link to read more:

Jefferson County Democrats urge county commissioners to adopt ‘clear regulations’ for commercial gun ranges

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Members of the Jefferson County Democrats voted unanimously October 17 for a resolution calling for the County Board of Commissioners to adopt “clear regulations for a new commercial gun range ordinance.”

They also directed party chair Marty Gilmore to present the resolution to the board in open public session at the first available opportunity. Gilmore plans to speak at the Monday, Oct. 28, meeting of the board of commissioners.

The party’s resolution urged the board to take these actions:

  • Abide by the decision of the state Growth Management Hearings Board
  • Abandon the expense of an appeal to Superior Court of the GMHB’s decision
  • Request, as necessary, more time to work with the community and the county Planning Commission in facilitated community meetings to scope legal and enforceable regulations
  • Include countywide citizen involvement in the development process
  • Develop a new ordinance or ordinances that conform with the individual right to bear arms
  • Define clearly what constitutes a commercial shooting facility
  • Conform the ordinances to all applicable Washington state and federal laws and include requirements for a full review under the State Environmental Policy Act
  • Require an operating permit
  • Place clear and concise “bright line” limits on the location, size, intensity and operating hours of commercial shooting facilities
  • Include enforcement provisions and adequate safety measures.


FYI: Tarboo Ridge Coalition Meetings

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TRC appealed two County ordinances concerning new commercial shooting facilities to the state Growth Management Board (GMHB). On September 16, 2019, the GMHB found the ordinances in violation of state law and invalidated them. A public hearing will be held within 60 days. The Jefferson County Planning Commission has been tasked with making recommendations for changes to comply with the Board’s decisions.

Attend an Informational Meeting presented by TRC

Help us spread the word. Email or print this FLYER.

Monday, October 14, 2019
7-8 pm
Tri-Area Community Center
10 West Valley Road

Monday, October 21, 2019
7-8 pm
Laurel B. Johnson Community Center
923 Hazel Point Road

Port Townsend Date COMING SOON:

PDN: Scientists probe Northwest lakes to learn about quakes

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Studies include Leland, Ozette

Lake Leland in Jefferson County is among the lakes studied in an effort to determine how strongly the Pacific Northwest shook during major earthquakes in the past. (Laura Foster/Peninsula Daily News)

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 3:10pm
By Tom Banse
Oregon Public Broadcasting

Multiple teams of earthquake researchers are looking in what might seem like an unlikely place to figure out how strongly the Pacific Northwest shook during great quakes in the past.

They’re poking around the bottom of lakes in Western Washington — including Lake Leland in Jefferson County and Clallam County’s Lake Ozette — as well as in Oregon.

It turns out lakes preserve a earthquake record that can shed light on the next “Really Big One.”

Read more at this link:

FYI: Rep. Kilmer and the New Democrats Coalition Climate Change Bill Package

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Rep. Derek Kilmer and the New Democrats Coalition released a package of bills and principles to move the US forward on climate change policies. See: