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Oct. 15 from 1 pm - 3 pm

Jefferson HealthCare - Dirkson Conference Room 834 Sheridan Street, Port Townsend

After years of advocating from Local Democrats, Medicaid eligible citizens will finally have access to essential dental care services starting this spring. Prior to this Jefferson County citizens on Medicaid had no permanent provider for adult dental care. Thanks to the hard work by our own Alise Moss-Vetica PCO 104 Kala Point the first visiting mobile dental van started in 2016. These visits will continue under funding from “Serving Others Worldwide”. Thanks again, Alise! Video about the van visit to Port Townsend by Al Bergstein. Peninsula Daily News article  

Candidate Questionnaires – Non-Partisan Races – Hospital Commissioner

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Explanatory Note: In non-partisan races, JCD usually does not offer endorsements. However, we want to offer our members as well as other interested citizens the opportunity to review the experience and qualifications of candidates who want to serve on our boards and commissions. Below are responses received from candidates for Hospital Commissioner, Position 1. Some of these questions are more of a “political philosophy” nature, because boards and commissions are often a pipeline to higher office. These surveys were produced under the direction of JCD's Political Action Committee. We hope you find them useful as you prepare your ballot. JCD-HospitalCommissionQuestionnaire_Bernie Donanberg Responding JCD-HospitalCommissionQuestionnaire_Bruce McComas Responding JCD-HospitalCommissionQuestionnaire Cheri Van Hoover Responding Supplemental: Cheri Van Hoover_CV                Bernie Donanberg Hospital Commissioner Resume 7.15.17 Click here to visit the Jefferson County Auditor's site for more election information.