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Are you uninsured? Check this out!

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The Health Care Authority has created a process for Apple Health (Medicaid) applications for uninsured individuals with symptoms that could be related to the novel coronavirus. For details click on the link below!


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Update on Jefferson County COVID-19 Case Count

March 21, 2020
Thomas Locke, MD, MPH Jefferson County Health Officer
Case Count Update:
615 Sheridan Street Port Townsend, WA 98368

Two additional positive cases of COVID-19 infection have been confirmed in Jefferson County residents. Both cases are female, one in her 70’s and another in her 20’s. One case appears to have had significant out-of-county exposures, the other more likely had an exposure to the coronavirus infection within Jefferson County. Significantly, a number of Jefferson County residents have been exposed to these confirmed cases and have been placed in 14-day quarantine.

Tests results on these new confirmed cases took over 1 week to be processed by the testing labs, reflecting the ongoing problems with timely access to testing results. In addition to extreme testing delays, we continue to see shortages of specimen collection supplies. Jefferson Healthcare has set up testing sites for community members who are ill and meet the priority criteria for testing. Detailed guidelines for testing are available on the Jefferson Healthcare website. All community members considering testing should call the Nurse Hotline to see if testing is advisable. Under no circumstances should community members who are NOT ill seek testing. Those with mild illness are advised to stay home and recover consistent with statewide recommendations.

It is important for Jefferson County residents to realize that in-county transmission of coronavirus is increasing. We will almost certainly see new cases in the days ahead. Jefferson County Public Health will continue its core mission of investigating cases, identifying contacts, and recommending appropriate isolation and quarantine measures. It is also vitally important that Jefferson County residents heed Governor Inslee’s orders banning public gatherings, enforcing social distancing, and strongly recommending individuals at high risk for COVID-19 complications avoid situations where they could be exposed to this infection. Now is the time for high risk individuals – those who are over 60, who are pregnant, or who have chronic medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease – to “shelter in place”. Travel outside the home and in public places should be limited to only essential, unavoidable activity. Rigorous hand washing and respiratory hygiene (cover your cough) are more important than ever. Community members who have fevers and respiratory symptoms MUST stay home until recovered for 72 hours whether they are tested or not.

Community Health Developmental Disabilities 360-385-9400
360-385-9401 (f)

Jefferson County Public Health
Always Working for a Safer and Healthier Community

Environmental Public Health
(f) 360-379-4487

COVID-19 Information for you

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The information and links below have updated information for you related to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Jefferson County Public Health would like to offer Coronavirus information and resources for businesses, groups, and the public.

COVID-19 fact sheet posted on the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) Coronavirus webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom The DOH Coronavirus webpage. This will be updated as new questions are identified. This includes “How Can I Be Prepared For a COVID-19 Outbreak”.

Guidance for Businesses and Employers from DOH and CDC offers helpful information for employers and employees.

DOH has established a call center to address questions from the public. If you have questions about what is happening in Washington, how the virus is spread, and what to do if you have symptoms, please call 1-800-525-0127 and press #.

FYI: SMILEMOBILE coming to Port Townsend on Feb. 27 & 28, 2019!

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The SMILEMOBILE dental van is coming to Port Townsend, WA on Feb. 27 and 28, 2019! Call 888-286-9105 to schedule an appointment. They will serve babies through high school age children, as well as pregnant and post-partum women. The program accepts Apple Health and uninsured. Follow-up treatments will be scheduled the week of March 11-15, 2019. Watch this video for more details!



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Oct. 15 from 1 pm - 3 pm

Jefferson HealthCare - Dirkson Conference Room 834 Sheridan Street, Port Townsend

After years of advocating from Local Democrats, Medicaid eligible citizens will finally have access to essential dental care services starting this spring. Prior to this Jefferson County citizens on Medicaid had no permanent provider for adult dental care. Thanks to the hard work by our own Alise Moss-Vetica PCO 104 Kala Point the first visiting mobile dental van started in 2016. These visits will continue under funding from “Serving Others Worldwide”. Thanks again, Alise! Video about the van visit to Port Townsend by Al Bergstein. Peninsula Daily News article  

Candidate Questionnaires – Non-Partisan Races – Hospital Commissioner

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Explanatory Note: In non-partisan races, JCD usually does not offer endorsements. However, we want to offer our members as well as other interested citizens the opportunity to review the experience and qualifications of candidates who want to serve on our boards and commissions. Below are responses received from candidates for Hospital Commissioner, Position 1. Some of these questions are more of a “political philosophy” nature, because boards and commissions are often a pipeline to higher office. These surveys were produced under the direction of JCD's Political Action Committee. We hope you find them useful as you prepare your ballot. JCD-HospitalCommissionQuestionnaire_Bernie Donanberg Responding JCD-HospitalCommissionQuestionnaire_Bruce McComas Responding JCD-HospitalCommissionQuestionnaire Cheri Van Hoover Responding Supplemental: Cheri Van Hoover_CV                Bernie Donanberg Hospital Commissioner Resume 7.15.17 Click here to visit the Jefferson County Auditor's site for more election information.