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Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs)


In any county central committee, only elected precinct committee officers and precinct committee officers appointed after the organizational meeting shall vote for county chair, vice chair, state committee representatives and any representative the county central committee is authorized to send to other Party organizations and on the adoption or amendment of bylaws. County central committees may allow other Democrats to participate in all other functions. Reference: WSDCC Bylaws – Article VIII

• PCOs shall obtain a list of registered voters in their respective precincts through JCD records and make an effort to identify and contact by whatever means practical (e.g., visit, phone, mail and/or electronic communication), those voters likely to support Democratic candidates, programs and propositions

• PCOs shall use all available resources to keep themselves informed of current political issues in Jefferson County and at the state and national levels of government, including the current Democratic Party platforms of all levels of the party

•PCOs shall participate actively in voter registration efforts and in raising funds for support of the Democratic Party and its candidates

•PCOs shall attend JCD Membership meetings.

To learn more go to the Washington State Democrats PCO Handbook

To contact your PCO, email


If you’re not sure what precinct you live in, you can enter your data at VoteWA, here, use this interactive map, or use this local precinct map. To inquire about being appointed to a vacant PCO position, contact the JCD Chair at