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Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs)


Being a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) is one of the most important roles in our party.  PCOs are on the front lines of winning elections up and down the ballot – from the School Board to the Senate. Here’s what PCOs do:
  •  PCOs are the main point of information and contact for voters in your neighborhood and within the Democratic Party.

  • PCOs are also a central part of their local Democratic organization. They elect Party leadership, help fill vacancies in elected office, and lead their precinct caucus every two years.

  • Becoming a PCO is one of the most important roles you can play in helping Democrats win up and down the ballot in your area.

To learn more go to the Washington State Democrats PCO Handbook

Current PCOs are listed below.

If you’re not sure what precinct you live in, you can enter your data at VoteWA, here, use this interactive map, or use this local precinct map. To inquire about being appointed to a vacant PCO position, contact the JCD Chair.


These PCOs will serve until Dec. 1, 2020.

Commissioner District 1  
106 North Jacob PCO: Claire Roney: 360-531-1177
700 Port Townsend PCO: Cynthia Koan: 360-385-4234
701 Port Townsend PCO: Scott Seymour: 425-888-0830
702 Port Townsend PCO: Gary Engbrecht: 360-301-3859
703 Port Townsend PCO: Gary Larson: 360-344-2989
704 Port Townsend PCO: Jonathan Bakin: 360-821-9148
705 Port Townsend PCO: Marie Stone: 360-381-0080
706 Port Townsend PCO: Bruce Cowan: 360-774-6678
707 Port Townsend PCO: John Collins: 360-643-1410
708 Port Townsend PCO: Libby Wennstrom: 360-301-9728
709 Port Townsend PCO: John Austin: 360-301-0833
710 Port Townsend PCO: David King: 360-301-2255

Commissioner District 2
104 Cape George PCO: Linda Sutton: 360-643-3363
105 Discovery Bay PCO: Diane Jones: 360-379-9193
107 South Jacob PCO: Cindy Jayne: 360-344-2046
300 Chimacum I PCO: Kacie Starling: 360-390-8960
301 Chimacum II PCO: Gail Chatfield: 360-437-0177
303 Hadlock PCO: Wilma Hackman: 360-385-3002
304 Kala Point PCO: Linda Brewster: 360-379-4023
305 Irondale I PCO: Dayna Neely: 360-643-1463
306 Irondale II PCO: Bethel Prescott: 360-385-6913
307 Four Corners PCO: Linda Abbott-Roe: 360-379-4875

401 Nordland

PCO: Martin Ivers: 360-385-2083
308 Center II PCO: John Gunning: 360-774-0835

Commissioner District 3

101 Gardiner PCO: Ann Waldron: 360-797-0006
102 Port Discovery PCO: Ben Rutherford: 360-531-4468
103 Crocker PCO: Chelsea Pronovost: 425-256-0626
200 Coyle PCO: Peter Newland: 360-765-0600
201 Quilcene PCO: Patricia Jones: 360-774-3384
204 Brinnon PCO: Beth Stroh-Stern: 425-890-0361
302 Center I PCO: Jean Ball: 360-301-4415
500 Port Ludlow PCO: Vacant
501 Port Ludlow I PCO: Janice Svien: 425-772-7729
502 Port Ludlow II PCO: Gerry Lasser: 425-218-3016
503 Port Ludlow III PCO: Vacant
504 Port Ludlow IV PCO: Kristina Hestenes-Stimson: 206-854-6538
505 Port Ludlow V PCO: John Fabian: 360-437-7911
600 Hoh PCO: Jimmy Conomos: 360-374-2270
601 Queets PCO: Taft Williams: 360-780-0597


These PCOs will serve until Dec. 1, 2020.