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Many of our members enjoy taking part in the campaigns organized by candidates and proponents of ballot measures. When our members endorse candidates and measures, we work together to support them. When our members adopt resolutions we call on elected officials and organizations to consider our viewpoint on an issue and to act in certain ways.

  • IN AUGUST of even-numbered years, our precinct committee officers (PCOs) are elected.
  • IN DECEMBER we have our Jefferson County Democrats re-organization meeting and the PCOs elect a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a State Committee Man, and a State Committee Woman.
  • THE MEMBERS elect officers of the Executive Board.
  • THE CHAIR appoints committee heads to serve on the Executive Board.

THE ELECTED PCOs also participate in the re-organization of the 24th Legislative District Democrats. The State Committee Women and Men elected by Jefferson County Democrats and 24th LD Democrats serve on the Central Committee of the Washington State Democrats, and elect officers there.

IN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION YEARS, we also hold precinct caucuses and a county convention to choose delegates to the state and national conventions, where we nominate a Democratic candidate for President of the United States.