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Urgent Actions

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Some things you can do today:


  •  Call Reichert On ACA   (Again!)
    (An Action Request from WA State Dems)

    So the Rs are trying again to repeal ACA … let’s figure out a plan to get Dave Reichert to vote No … He is one of the 23 Rs in Congressional Districts that voted for Clinton.
    There are 193 Ds in the House; plus these 23 Rs that potentially could be persuaded to vote No = 216, so the Ds would still need to find 2 more to vote No to defeat what’s likely to happen in the next day or two or next week, that is, the Rs attempt to once again repeal ACA and replace with an awful bill.
    The 8th CD is: Kent, Renton, Issaquah, East Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Redmond, Ellensburg, Auburn. If anyone knows anyone living in these towns or nearby they need to hound Dave Reichert’s office so that he votes No.
    If you go to Daily Kos and look for article dated Feb 6, 2017 “These 23 Republicans hold congressional districts that voted for Hillary Clinton” you will get the scoop on 23 Rs who must vote No on repealing ACA; the Freedom Caucus is now on Board with Trump to Repeal and so the ball is now in the “moderate” Republican camp.

    U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert had previously vowed that “no one will lose coverage” under the Republican health care proposal. But as we know, that’s false. Reichert is lying about Trumpcare and the millions of people who would lose health care or see their premiums rise sky high. And while he’s already voted once to pass Trumpcare out of the House Ways & Means Committee, we need to hold him accountable in advance of a vote of the full House of Representatives.

    Reichert’s office phone numbers are:

  • Washington D.C. 202-225-7761

  • Issaquah 425-677-7414

  • Wenatchee 509-885-6615

    Call Reichert’s office and let him know that Washingtonians expect Congress to expand health care coverage, not cut it! The ACA is the most popular it has been in years, it’s provided health care to 750,000 people in our state, and Republicans are going in the wrong direction.

  • Add Your Name To Our Health Care Petition
    (An Action Request from WA State Dems)

    We’re collecting a petition of names people across our state who want to see health care preserved. If you’ve already contacted the office of Congressman Reichert or taken another action, the next step is to click here to add your name to our petition telling Republicans in Congress: Hands off our healthcare! Or forward this email to a friend, and encourage them to add their name as well. Not only can we report to Congress how many thousands of people are signing these petitions, but we can rally our grassroots base around this important issue.

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced legislation, the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act, to require the President and Vice-President to divulge and resolve all conflicts of interest in the Dakota Access Pipeline. MoveOn is coordinating petition delivery to each congressperson, asking each congressperson to pass Senator Warren’s bill, and then enforce it. Click here to read the Presidential Conflict of Interests Act. If you would like Jefferson County Democrats to take an official position on the Presidential Conflict of Interests Act, consider submitting a resolution. Click here to read about our resolutions process.
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