Our Endorsed Candidates!

The following candidates have been endorsed by the Jefferson County Democrats.


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Watch Wendy Davis on Sheriff’s Forum

Check out the League of Women Voters and PTTV’s video on sheriff’s forum with our endorsed candidate Wendy Davis. Do not let the video caption confuse you – it was mislabeled as Ventura County Sheriff:

Jefferson County WA, Election Forum, Sheriff Candidates from PTTV on Vimeo.

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Progressive Voters Guide

To look at the Progressive Voters Guide with initiatives and all our candidates statewide, click on link below:


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The League of Women Voters hosted an Auditor Candidates Forum on October 2, 2014. It was videotaped by PTTV.  Candidates Judy Maves-Klatt (endorsed by Jefferson County Democrats) and RoseAnn Carroll spoke about their experiences and answered questions from the audience.  It is less than 30 minutes – well worth watching. Please grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, sit back, and observe.



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Wendy Davis endorsed by WA State Patrol Troopers Association

This morning we received a notice from Wendy Davis’ campaign giving the great news of yet another significant endorsement for her candidacy for Sheriff’s office: 


Wendy Davis has received the sole endorsement of the Washington State Patrol Troopers Association.  This is an organization that represents over 1100 members, including those who live in Jefferson County.  Here is an excerpt from their endorsement letter:


Your commitment to service the people of the State of Washington with honor and integrity are principles that our members demand. Your understanding and support of public safety issues make you our clear choice for election.



The citizens of Jefferson County are fortunate to have an individual of your caliber in such an important position.  Be assured that our members stand solidly in support of your election campaign.


Wendy says:  “I am excited and honored to share this news with you, and I hope you will forward this email to as many of your friends in Jefferson County as you possibly can.”


To learn more about Wendy and contribute to her campaign, please visit her website at:


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Space Shuttle Experience – Hear All About It!

If you have never had the opportunity to meet and listen to an astronaut relate his experiences on America’s space shuttle program, then you are in for a treat!  You’ve seen movies and documentaries about it, but have you ever heard it from someone who has actually done it?


On Sunday, October 5th, at 2:00 PM, our very own astronaut, environmental activist, and fellow Democrat, John Fabian, will be sharing his experiences on this topic at the Port Ludlow Beach Club – as part of the Fun With Dems program.


Please “blast off” with us!  Join us!

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Character Assassination Campaigning – Letter to David Stanko, Candidate for Sheriff

It has come to our attention that supporters of your candidacy have recently stepped up their anonymous and on-going smear tactics against Wendy Davis, our endorsed Democratic candidate for Sheriff. You must by now be aware of the emails that have been circulating.

Our party has always condemned such activity whenever it comes forward. Unseemly partisanship of this kind turns people off to electoral politics.  We think it unworthy for candidates of integrity to gain advantage from activity of this kind.  Any electoral mandate carried forward by a candidate benefitting from such tactics is tainted.

We appeal to you to publicly condemn such activities, and to do all you can to put a stop to them.

George Yount

Chair, Jefferson County Democrats

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Candidates Forum

Hear candidates speak at Marrowstone Island,
Port Ludlow, Brinnon, Port Townsend, Chimacu


Monday, Sept 15, 7:00 PM at the Nordland Garden Club, 320 Garden Club Road, Marrowstone Island (MAP

Sheriff, BOCC County Commissioner District 3, and PUD District 2

Participants include sheriff candidates Wendy Davis (endorsed by JCD) and David Stanko; County Commissioner District 3 candidates Kathleen Kler (endorsed by JCD) and Daniel Toepper, and Public Utility District Commissioner position 2 candidates Kenneth Collins and Anthony DeLeo.

The Marrowstone Island Community Association’s regular meeting/potluck at 6:00 PM on Monday, Sept. 15  includes a candidate forum to begin at 7 PM.  All Marrowstone Island residents are invited.



Wednesday, Sept 17, 7:00 PM Port Ludlow Beach Club, 121 Marina View Drive, Port Ludlow (MAP

 District Court Judge and Prosecutor

Participants include Prosecutor/Coroner candidates Scott Rosekrans (incumbent) and Michael Haas, District Court Judge candidates Jill Landes (incumbent) and Cheryl Potebnya. The forum is co-sponsored by American Association of University Women, The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader, and League of Women Voters of Jefferson County.



Monday, Sept 22, 7:00 PM Brinnon Booster Club, 151 Corey St, Brinnon  (MAP

 Candidates for Assessor, Sheriff, Auditor, Court Clerk, Prosecutor/Coroner, Treasurer, District Court Judge and PUD Commissioner.

This is a change from the original Brinnon Candidate Night that had been planned for the previous week.




Wednesday, Sept 24, 7:00 PM, Port Townsend Community Center, 620 Tyler St, Port Townsend (MAP

 Candidates for District 24 State Legislative Representative Pos. 2 and PUD No. 2 commissioner

Participants include District 24 State Legislative Representative Pos. 2 candidates Thomas Greisamer and Steve Tharinger (incumbent – endorsed by JCD), Public Utility District Commissioner position 2 candidates Kenneth Collins and Anthony DeLeo.The forum is co-sponsored by American Association of University Women, The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader, and League of Women Voters of Jefferson County.




Thursday, Oct 2, 7:00 PM Tri-Area Community Center, 10 W. Valley Rd, Chimacum (MAP)


BOCC Candidates for Jefferson County Commissioner District 3 and Auditor.

Participants include commissioner candidates Kathleen Kler (endorsed by JCD) and Daniel Toepper, auditor candidates Judy Maves-Klatt (endorsed by JCD) and Rose Ann Carroll.

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Forums – League of Women Voters

by Deborah Pedersen – 

The League of Women Voters of Jefferson County is in the final stages of scheduling our forums for the general election season.   All are co-sponsored by AAUW Port Townsend and the Port Townsend Jefferson County Leader.   All begin at 7:00 PM and will last approximately two hours.
  • Thursday, September 11, Quimper Grange:  Sheriff candidates, moderated by Scott Wilson of the Leader.  We are also inviting the unopposed local candidates, to introduce them to the public.
  • Wednesday, September 17, Beach Club Port Ludlow: District Court Judge and Prosecutor candidates, moderated by Fred Obee of the Leader.
  • Wednesday, September 24, Port Townsend Community Center:   P.U.D and 24th Leg Dist Position 2 candidates (Tharinger and Griesamer), moderated by Fred Obee of the Leader.
  • Thursday, October 2, Tri-Area Community Center:  County Commissioner District 3 and Auditor candidates.  Moderator is yet to be determined.
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Let the Party Begin!

by George Yount

As many of you know, our invitation and tickets for the 20th annual Fish Feast on Sunday, August 24 has crossed your kitchen table. The returns have been brisk and we thank you. The doors at Erickson Hall at the fairgrounds open at 4:00 PM and the schmoozing will immediately begin. The libation bar; Larry Dennison’s cooker will be smoking; and the food preparation and serving teams will be ready to let you have it. 


Fish Feast 2013

A main feature will be our Candidate’s Corner Meet and Greet that starts at 4:00 PM. You and the candidates will have an hour and a half to share questions and issues at your leisure.  Use this time to commit your volunteer energies for your favorite candidates.They need you as you need them.  In addition to the Candidates Corner, we will offer a two-minute open mic for our candidates to speak about themselves and issues relevant to the position they seek.


We have limited ourselves to two main speakers. Congressman Derek Kilmer will share his mission as 6th District Congressman, as well as the climate change needed in Washington D.C.  We will then have the pleasure of hearing from Jaxon Ravens, Chairman of the State Democratic Party. Jaxon is a very dynamic leader and speaker. Jefferson County Democrats pride ourselves on focusing on local candidates and local issues. Jaxon will articulate how we compliment and affect the bigger statewide picture.   


We will also honor Perry Spring – the brain child of the Fish Feast. Who would have thought the Fish Feast would become our major bonding and fund raising event for 20 years?


Money is critical for campaigns. It allows us to help our candidates and issues be known through direct mailing, newspaper ads, and yard signs. The purpose is name recognition and associating a face with our mission and values, demonstrating why they are superior candidates. Repeat, repeat, repeat as many ways as possible is required for a person to commit to vote for our candidates.    


The easiest and most effective way to raise money is to just ask for it. If people believe in our cause and our values, and want our values reflected in the people who govern us, we contribute. I am asking you directly to add ten, fifteen, twenty-five or thirty dollars to our forty-five dollar ticket price, and we can pay for the tools that will get our candidates elected.     


However, being the Dems we are, we want something for our money. So please read the article below by Linda Abbott Roe and Jill Hamilton. These talented and dedicated Dems are leading this year’s “Fun with Dems” program – to bring in money for our tools to get our candidates elected, while giving you a fun event to enjoy yourselves in the company of other fellow Dems!


Please join us!

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