We welcome the new year with freshly-elected local leadership, an influx of new members, and a new political horizon.

On December 4th, Jefferson County Democrats formed a board of people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, all representing Jefferson County. We are 650 members strong, with 100 people having joined in December, thanks to an active group of members volunteering their time and reaching out in person to inform and invite.

It is important that we grow our party in this manner: welcoming diversity and opening doors in a grassroots way. Meeting our neighbors, being active in conversations, both listening and speaking about issues that impact us-organizing our party from the bottom up, rather than top down-is the way to get out the vote and get Democrats elected. We have no time to waste in preparing to win back the House of Representatives in 2018.

 Standing Committee Chair Appointments Jefferson County Democrat’s standing committees are currently forming for 2017-2018. The standing committees, as defined in the bylaws, are:

  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Elections
  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Operations
  • Political Action

We welcome many people on committees. If you’re interested in committee work rather than serving as Chair, feel free to e-mail your contact information and the committee name to Linda Medeiros Callahan: callahan@hctc.com.

Upcoming Meetings The first Executive Board meeting of your newly elected board is being held on January 3rd   and our first membership meeting of the new year on Thursday, January 26th . Details are in sections below, including how you can attend via internet if you are unable to attend in person. We will soon be publishing our annual calendar as well, so you can plan ahead for participating in campaigns, meetings and events in many locations throughout this beautiful and diverse county. We’re certain to have many battles ahead as President-elect Trump moves his cabinet into place. Let’s get ready, together!

The incoming board honors the many contributions made by outgoing Executive Board members. Bruce, Diane, Deborah, Dave, John, Ron, Freida, Tim, Jim, Judy, and Linda: thank you for your time, effort and monetary contributions, generously given in the spirit of service to the community and democratic values. We are a better county thanks to your guidance, service and efforts.

Thank you to all of you who are members of Jefferson County Democrats. You have answered the call to participate in shaping democracy, all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Hood Canal. We need all of you, and more, for the defenses we must raise and to forge progress from the bottom up.

2016 Bi-Annual Reorganization

The biennial Reorganization Meeting of the Jefferson County Democrats took place on December 4th. A new Executive Board was elected to serve through the 2018 election.

Elected were:

  • Chair: Linda Medeiros Callahan
  • Vice Chair: Marty Gilmore
  • State Committeeman:  Ryan Mc Allister
  • State Commiteewoman: Claire Roney
  • Recording Secretary: Carla Woodward
  • Treasurer:  Matt Woodward
  • District 1 Representative Man: Nate Malmgren
  • District 1 Representative Woman: Cynthia Koan
  • District 2 Representative Man:  Raul Huerta
  • District 2 Representative Woman: Lauri Chambers
  • District 3 Representative Man: Tom Meyer
  • District 3 Representative Woman: Chris Llewellyn

jeffco-dems-re-org-12-4-1628 of 29 elected Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) were present, including Jimmy Conomos (Precinct 600), who traveled from the West End.

Thanks and well wishes were extended to the 29th PCO, Dr. Rick Doherty (Precinct 708), who is currently providing medical care at Standing Rock, ND.

Special thank you to outgoing board members for an outstanding job over the past two years getting local democrats elected, and creating an energized and inclusive organization.

Initial attendancfull-house-of-dems-12-4-16e estimates are around 300 members for the meeting, packing the house at Chimacum High School Commons. More than 100 new members joined.

In addition to board elections:

  • Ruth Gordon read the Preamble to the Jefferson County Democrats Platform
  • Members honored outgoing State Committeeman Dave Woodruff for his many years of service, and on the occasion of his recent 80th birthday
  • A moment of silence was observed in honor of Standing Rock
  • Membership voted to endorse Initiative 873 as recommended by outgoing Executive Board
  • Outgoing Chair Bruce Cowan was recognized for his hard work and dedication by incoming Chair Linda Callahan with the gift of a Hawaiian Ukulele.

Attendees included: Mike Chapman, State Representative; Kathleen Kler, Phil Johnson, and Kate Dean, Jefferson County Commissioners; and newly elected Clallam County Democrat Executive Board members Virginia Shogren, Andrew Shogren, and Julie Johnson.

Thank you to all who took the time to attend, support the nominees, and vote.  Thank you to Deborah Pedersen, Ron Hayes and the operations, greeting, and credentials teams; Trish Walat, Ruth Gordon, and the tally team; Gary Engbrecht and Sonny Flores, audio; Linda Abbott-Roe and the potluck crew; Celeste Bennett – Temporary recording secretary, Karen Ciccarone – Time keeper, and Chimacum High School Custodians for quick and gracious accommodation of logistics.

See who your Precinct Committee Officers are here.

Join us or Renew your membership here.