jeffco-democrats-logoDecember 4: Re-organization Meeting of the Jefferson County Democrats. We’ll be electing an Executive Board to serve through the 2018 election. Potluck at Noon, Business meeting at 1 p.m.  Location: Chimacum High School Commons, 91 W Valley Rd.

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We expect that elections for many board positions, including the top ones, will be contested.

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Members will vote on several other Board positions.


The 2016 election is over. Our Campaign Headquarters is closed. We collected all the campaign signs. Thank you Jefferson County voters, and thank you Democrats for supporting us through this long season. Locally, we have been very successful.

Nearly all of our JCD ballot endorsed candidates won with margins of 56%-70% of the local votes. Our 85% voter participation was second only to San Juan County (as usual). Still, turnout was down, as it was across the country.

kate-deanBoCC candidate Kate Dean won handily, winning 66% of the vote and all but two precincts. Unopposed Commissioner David Sullivan received 95% approval.

Jefferson County Democrats gave strong majorities to Hillary Clinton, Patty Murray, Derek Kilmer, Kevin Van De Wege, Mike Chapman, Steve Tharinger. We gave strong margins to all our endorsed candidates for state executive office, and nearly all were elected.

Unfortunately, our 62% for Hillary Clinton and a majority of the national popular vote were insufficient to elect her. And the fact that fewer than 30% Jefferson County voters chose the Republican nominee was insufficient to sink his chances.

We are dismayed at the outcome. Inevitably, the grief we feel at the end of this long season leads to a search for explanations. It can lead to anger. Our challenge is to keep from directing our anger at each other, especially locally. We need each other now, as we mourn, and we will need each other as we go forward together. Let’s focus on what unites us.

We have a lot to be proud of. The Jefferson County Democrats and the Washington State Democrats had fair processes for allocating delegates to the national convention. Hillary Clinton won the nomination and Washington State voters supported her by a strong majority. She won all our electoral votes. We ran a strong campaign and turned out voters. We did all we could to win the White House for a Democrat.

As we look back at the last year, each of us has our own perception of why things went down the way they did. Like most things that go wrong unexpectedly, it was a complicated combination of things, only some of which were in our control, and we will never know how things would have turned out had things been different

What happened happened. We have no choice but to go forward. We can learn from what happened, but we have a new set of challenges to face in the coming years. We need each other now more than ever. This grief will never completely abate, and bearing it together over these coming days, without rancor, is the only way that we can survive and thrive. Take care of your selves, and let’s take care of each other. Then let’s take up the difficult challenge of preventing damage and finding a way to hope again. 

We want to be clear that we do not condemn Republican voters as people, even in this instance. Every voter makes a decision, and it is often difficult. We do want to understand why they voted as they did, and we invite dialogue. We do call on his supporters to watch him and to condemn him when, as President, he speaks out or acts in a way that violates your values.

We disagree with the President-elect’s policies, but that’s just politics. We condemn him for his inexcusable racist remarks. We condemn him also for his expressions of intolerance and prejudice based on gender, religion, disability, and national origin. We condemn him for trying to intimidate what is left of our press when they reported his own words to the world.

We have reason to be very concerned that he has not shown the temperament or abilities of a successful leader, and, while we always hope for the best for our country, we see no reason to hope that this seventy-year old president-elect will prove to be any different from the man who has been in the public eye for several decades.

It is now incumbent on Trump and his team … and the Republican party to deliver on the promises he made to his voters … the safety, the prosperity, the health insurance, and so on. Oh, yeah, and bringing change to Washington, D.C. We certainly hope that his supporters will not be so complacent when his promises prove hollow.


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We Mt.Olympuscardare proud of what we’ve accomplished in Jefferson County and we are proud of our platform. We care about social justice, economic opportunity, the environment, education, health care, food security, and more. Our values include equality, fairness, dignity, and tolerance. We embrace the ideals of liberty and justice.

We work hard to elect candidates who agree with us that public policy must be inspired by our platform. We look forward to November, 2016, when we will again elect great Democrats to public office from the Jefferson County Courthouse to the White House.

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Bruce Cowan, Chair

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