From our new Chair, Bruce Cowan


The sound of people saying “Yes” is a beautiful thing. I so enjoyed hearing it as I was making calls before the re-org meeting. I am grateful that such an enthusiastic, strong team stepped forward.

We face a lot of challenges in these next two years, challenges that involve our core values and interests. Our strength comes from our unity of purpose and our teamwork, and each of us has a part to play.

We have a lot of work to do. The county is working on the Critical Areas Ordinance. We need to know more about the impact new Navy activities will have. The legislature, with a Democratic House and a Republic Senate, will convene on January 12 to take on the most challenging biennial budget in years.

Let’s get informed. Let’s talk about where we stand. Let’s weigh in. Let’s get involved.

And there will be elections, lots of them.

On February 10, we will vote on a Port Townsend School District levy, a Chimacum School District building bond, and a Port Townsend City Bond. These are “non-partisan” issues, but they relate to our values, and members may want to participate in campaigns.

There will be other non-partisan elections before long … for Port Commissioner, Port Townsend City Council, School Board, Fire District, and the Board of East Jefferson Health District. Other taxing districts (Fire, Water, Parks and Rec, Cemetery) will all elect board members.

And we want to be ready for the Main Event: November, 2016. We will elect a President, a Governor, a Senator, two County Commissioners, and many more.

The Jefferson County Democrats won’t be waiting to see who shows up on the ticket … We will bring forward capable candidates who stand for the things we stand for.

We will be well informed about statewide and national races. We will have Precinct Caucuses and a County Convention. We will work hard on campaigns. And we will get our people to Vote!

You can see that we have our work cut out for us, and we need to pull together. So when your phone rings, I hope you’ll say “Yes.” And I hope you will say it with enthusiasm!

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Menu Choices for Holiday Party at Timberhouse

Dems Holiday Party:  Wednesday, December 17th, Timberhouse Restaurant, Quilcene

Please write to George at and let him know your choices – it will help the Timberhouse chef serve us more promptly:

Steak, Chicken, Salmon, or Vegetarian – but check out the menu choices for our party…mouth-watering stuff!



House Made Clam Chowder $4.00 – or

House Salad: Spring Mix, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber and Mozzarella, Basil Vinaigrette$ 5.99


Served with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables

Sirloin Steak:

Premium Choice 8 oz Angus Beef Cattle Company Sirloin Seasoned and Grilled about Medium-Rare with Herb Butter $24.99

British Columbia King Salmon:

Cedar Planked with Beurre Blanc and Roasted Red Pepper Coulis $25.99

Grilled Herbed Chicken:

Seasoned and Char-grilled with Lemon-Herb Butter Sauce $18.99

Vegetarian Option

Oven Roasted Vegetable Salad:

Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers and Zucchini, Herbed Goat Cheese and Lemon-Oregano Vinaigrette on a bed of Mixed Lettuces $16.99

Desserts  yummy-smiley-face

Brinnon Brulee:

Vanilla Custard with a Crackly Sugar Crust $5.99


Chocolate Decadence:

Flourless Chocolate Cake topped with Genache, Raspberry Puree and Fresh Whipped Cream $5.99


Quilcene Cobbler:

Blackberries Baked with a Buttery Crust $6.99


Chimacum Cheesecake:

with Raspberry Puree and Fresh Raspberries $6.99


Apple Bread Pudding:

Deep-fried with Jack Daniels Caramel Sauce,

Vanilla Cream Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream $7.99


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New E-Board

On December 6, our Precinct Committee Officers and members elected a strong new Executive Board. It went like clockwork, and we had a fun little schmooze-fest afterward. 

The PCOs elected Bruce Cowan as Chair and Diane Jones as Vice Chair. Clair Roney and Dave Woodruff were elected State Committee Woman and Man. The members re-elected John Hamilton as Secretary and Ron Hayes as Treasurer. Bruce is a musician and retired teacher. He is new to the Board.

The caucus of each District elected a woman and a man to represent them on the Executive Board, and they are all new to the Board.

District 1: Freida Fenn and Tim Ota. Freida is a former City Council member who works for Jefferson Mental Health. Tim works at Jefferson Healthcare and leads 500 local UCFW members.

District 2: Judy Maves-Klatt and Jim Pearson. Judy has a real estate appraisal firm. We know her from her recent run for Auditor and for all the work she’s done with us in the past. Jim recently retired from Jefferson County Public Works, and he’s lived here for decades.

District 3: Juanita Luiz and Tom Meyer. Juanita is new to the area. She was an organizer for IBEW and worked for them in Washington, D.C. Tom is a retired commander from the Coast Guard, and now works as a cranio-sacral massage therapist in Quilcene.

Cowan will soon appoint committee heads and PCOs to vacant positions. (If you want to know more, call Bruce at 385-5147 or write him at

Outgoing Chair George Yount was honored with a standing ovation for his service. Also stepping down are Board members George Randels and Connie Gallant, who were also honored.

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Elect Connie Gallant to Chair the 24th Legislative District Democrats!

The 24h Legislative District Democrats organization represents Democrats who live in Jefferson County, Clallam County, and most of Grays Harbor County.


Let’s elect Connie Gallant to the Chair (she has served as co-chair for the past 2 years)! George Yount would like to continue as State Committee Man. John Hamilton would like to continue as Secretary.


We are all welcome at the Re-Organization meeting, and our elected PCOs get to vote.  The meeting is on Saturday, January 10, at 1PM, the group will meet to reorganize at Clallam Democratic Headquarters at 124-A West First Street  (between Laurel & Oak on First St) in downTown Port Angeles.


All elected PCOslet’s be there to elect our own … call George to carpool (385-0456). 

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Jeffco Dems To Reorganize on December 6, 2:00 PM Quimper Grange, PT


On Saturday, December 6, the Precinct Committee Officers and general membership will convene at the Quimper Grange, 1219 Corona Street in Port Townsend, at 2:00 PM and elect and appoint new officers and standing committee chairs. Our bylaws stipulate we must do this every two years.


You do not have to be a PCO to be an officer, but the PCOs vote for Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, State Committee man and woman, and District Committee men and women. If you would like to serve in any of these positions or standing committees, please let George Yount know.

Please attend the meeting.


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Jefferson Health Care Hospital Commission to Consider Single Payer Plan


On Wednesday, November 19th, the Hospital Commission will hear a presentation on the House Bill 1085, Washington Health Security Trust. It would amend the RCWs to allow a single payer health care system. These meetings are open to the public starting at 3:30 PM in the hospital auditorium.

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Special General Meeting Tuesday, November 18, 7:00 PM PT Community Center

by George Yount

The Jefferson County Democrats E-Board has called a special general membership meeting for Tuesday, November 18 at the Jefferson County Community Center in Port Townsend for the purpose of considering three resolutions:


  1. Commenting on the proposed Navy Electromagnetic Warfare Range;
  2. Considering state legislation on establishing a Washington State Health Security Trust (a single payer health care system);
  3. And a resolution urging the legislature to raise new revenue to support new education spending.


The meeting will start promptly at 7:00 PM.




A public meeting is scheduled in Port Townsend to discuss proposal to add 36 Growlers at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island – Thursday, December 4th at 3:00 PM at the Fort Worden Commons.  


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Preserve State Funding Safety Net For Essential Services

With the passage of I-1351 for Class Size and the Supreme Court’s ruling that state is in contempt regarding the McCleary Decision, the state will need to significantly increase spending in the near term. Bruce Cowan concerned that the legislature will look to cutting higher ed, social services, and support for local government. His resolution urges our legislators to raise new revenue to support increased education funding. Since we have such a regressive tax structure, it also urges legislators to look to the wealthy individuals and highly profitable businesses who do not now currently provide support to the state in proportion to their means.

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Some Points To Consider On The Election

by Deborah Pedersen

Although we had painful losses last week, you still gotta love the Jefferson County electorate.    


  • Jefferson County’s turnout is over 70%, third in the state after tiny Garfield and Columbia Counties. The  statewide turnout is about 51%.   
  • Jefferson County is first, by a wide margin, of 12 counties in its Yes vote on I-1351, 60.61%.  Statewide, the Yes vote is 50.69%. 
  • Jefferson County is third of 15 counties in its Yes vote on I-594, 66.99%, after King and San Juan Counties.  Statewide, the Yes vote is 59.12%.
  • Jefferson County is third of 10 counties in its No vote on I-591, 62.43%, after King and San Juan Counties.  Statewide, the No vote is 55.05%.
  • Jefferson County voters did not second-guess the Legislature and voted “Maintained” on Advisory Votes 8 (55.99% and 9 (59.13%).
  • The Quilcene Fire District’s Maintenance and Operations Levy is passing with a resounding 66.85%.

Every winner in a partisan race on our ballot “Prefers Democratic Party.”  

We re-elected three unopposed Democrats: Rep. Kevin Van de Wege, Assessor Jeff Chapman, and Clerk Ruth Gordon.  We elected one new unopposed Democrat, Treasurer Stacie Hoskins.

In races in which a Democrat was opposed by a Republican or “States No Party Preference,” Democrats have strong margins:


  • 71.35% for Kilmer (62.99% 6th Congressional district-wide)
  • 67.19% for Tharinger (56.49% 24th Legislative district-wide)
  • 57.19% for Kler (County-wide)

In the races in which our endorsed candidates did not win, our endorsed candidates trail by tiny margins of less than 1%.   


In local races in which the JCD did not make an endorsement (PUD, District Court Judge, and Prosecutor), the electorate made clear choices following fair and open campaigns.


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More Links to Information on Navy’s Electronic Warfare Range

Please take some time to read through these articles – stay informed and speak out!

A comprehensive article by Dahr Jamail on, a national independent news and commentary website:

November​ 6, 2014 meeting of the Navy/Forest Service in Port Angeles at the City Council chambers. Covered by KOMO news from Seattle (this is about a 3 hour trip for them). Dr. Bev Goldie is main speaker.

11/9/14 Peninsula Daily News on the 11/6 meeting:

November​ 6, 2014 meeting of the Navy/Forest Service in Port Angeles at the City Council chambers.  RainDagger Productions videos of the individual questions and comments.

10/16/14_Seattle Times_Front page above the fold:

Videos by RainDagger Productions of the comments and questions at the 10/14/14 meeting in Forks with the Forest Service and the Navy, comments to Jefferson County Board of Commissioners, Navy meeting on Whidbey 10/28:

More jets for Whidbey/Noise for PT (no mention of warfare training in it)

Make sure to read the COMMENTS under each of the PDN articles:

The better of the articles in PDN, goes into health effects:

First article done by Christi Barron, Forks Forum:

3227  signatures on the petition against as of 

Nov  ​12​


2​347​  “likes” as of Nov 12 to the Facebook page that was set up after the Forks meeting to cover the issue:

Also covering events as they occur is the Olympic Peninsula Environmental News available by e-mail subscription (not through FB)

Letters that have been submitted to the Forest Service can be viewed here:

The ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT that the Navy has submitted and the Forest Service initially approved as a FONSI (Finding of Not Significant Impact) is here:

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