chumFish Feast XXII was stupendous. Thank you all for  attending. We had over 300 people. There were 15 candidates on stage, including eight candidates for statewide office. Sign up for the newsletter to see pics soon.

page14dEndorsements: Our members approved the endorsements of all of the candidates under consideration on June 28. On August 23, we are likely to consider another batch.

Candidates for the Jefferson County Commissioner District 1: Kate Dean, Cynthia Koan, and Tim Thomas filed as Democrats. You can compare them here. The other two candidates are Jeff Gallant, Republican, and Holly Postmus, who has suspended her campaign.


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We Mt.Olympuscardare proud of what we’ve accomplished in Jefferson County and we are proud of our platform. We care about social justice, economic opportunity, the environment, education, health care, food security, and more. Our values include equality, fairness, dignity, and tolerance. We embrace the ideals of liberty and justice.

We work hard to elect candidates who agree with us that public policy must be inspired by our platform. We look forward to November, 2016, when we will again elect great Democrats to public office from the Jefferson County Courthouse to the White House.

We like to get together to enjoy each other’s company and to educate each other about the issues and candidates before us. Our programs bring information to the voters so they can make their all-important decisions.

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Bruce Cowan, Chair

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