Unknown-9Come talk with your neighbors at your precinct caucus on March 26 and help nominate the next Democratic president.  +++++++++++++

JCD Exec Board recommends: Vote “YES!” for Chimacum and Port Townsend School construction bonds.



2012 Presidential results

Washington State’s Presidential Preference Primary Election on May 24 will not be used by the Washington State Democrats to select delegates to the National Convention, and will not have an influence on the nomination process. 


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We Mt.Olympuscardare proud of what we’ve accomplished in Jefferson County and we are proud of our platform. We care about social justice, economic opportunity, the environment, education, health care, food security, and more. Our values include equality, fairness, dignity, and tolerance. We embrace the ideals of liberty and justice. 

We work hard to elect candidates who agree with us that public policy must be inspired by our platform. We look forward to November, 2016, when we will again elect great Democrats to public office from the Jefferson County Courthouse to the White House.

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Bruce Cowan, Chair

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