Wondering about the Democratic Presidential nomination process? There are two more stages: the State Convention in mid-June and the National Convention in late July. Jeff Engels was elected at the 6th Congressional District Caucus to represent us at the National Convention. More national delegates will be elected at the State Convention.

Jefferson County Convention Results:


On May 1, 2016, at our Jefferson County Democratic Convention, 191 delegates and seated alternates elected nine delegates and five alternates in their sub-caucuses to go forward to the 6th Congressional District Caucus and the State Democratic Convention.

For Secretary Hillary Clinton: 3 Delegates, 1 Alternate.

Delegates: Dan Erlenborn, Zoe Ballering, Alise Moss-Vetica (not pictured)

Alternate: Tim Ota

For Senator Bernie Sanders: 6 Delegates, 4 Alternates.

Delegates: Ryan McAllister, Linda Sutton, Lori Bernstein, Celeste Bennett, Jeffrey Engels, Phillip Sifuentes (not pictured)

Alternates:  Alexander Reierson, Linda Callahan, Raul Huerta, Jean Walat

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We Mt.Olympuscardare proud of what we’ve accomplished in Jefferson County and we are proud of our platform. We care about social justice, economic opportunity, the environment, education, health care, food security, and more. Our values include equality, fairness, dignity, and tolerance. We embrace the ideals of liberty and justice.

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